How to Make a Great Kickstarter Video

Dec, 26, 2017
Senior Account Executive

Now a mainstream fundraising model, crowdfunding helps startupers and established businesses bring their amazing ideas to life.

Everybody wants to make their project page stand out from others. An appealing Kickstarter video can be an important factor.

Though videos are not obligatory, Kickstarter encourages making them.

Statistics show:

  • more than 80% of Kickstarter projects have videos

  • only 33% of campaigns without explainer videos are successful

  • 66% of campaigns with videos online reach their project’s goal

No doubt, you need a video to support your campaign but where to start?

As a  young entrepreneur, I might be unsure of what to say in my video. Should I talk in the video or just show my product? A lot of questions may arise, so you will need to plan it out and prepare yourself to create a great video.

Start by telling something about yourself.

Yes, people want to meet you and your team and understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Trust is a big part of crowdfunding. The story behind who you are as a creator and why you started this mission is what will enable people to fall in love with what you’re doing and it’s what will help you build a tribe around the product.

Second, feature the problem.

For the Kickstarter video, you need to craft a very focused message and the best way to pique interest is to feature what problem you are solving and show how it can impact lives.

Next, time. In the previous article about explainer videos, I mentioned that most people are proud of what they do. That means they can talk eternally about it. Remember that when it comes to explainer videos, you don’t have hours or even minutes. You have seconds.

Most Kickstarter videos are 3 min long. You want to squeeze every important feature into this 3 – 5 minutes.

So, as the script is being created it will need to be edited, edited and edited some more until the essence of the message is distilled down to the most essential.

Remember that Kickstarter videos are commercials, and commercials should be short. Do you love 5 minutes commercials? – I don’t unless it’s  those Poo Pourri videos

Fourth: Create A Storyboard

Before shooting or creating an animation work a storyboard is created.

This should contain all the shots you want to capture in the video and will ensure you stay on point while creating.

The storyboard may look something like this:

The more detail and consideration you put into this part the less stressed you’ll be later.

Moving from the content to the visuals remember that you should keep people’s attention, which also means that video has to be visually interesting.

Like in every good video you need to include music, sound effects, good visuals. All these elements should be licensed, so beware of violating copyright law.

Though most people believe they can make videos using their smartphones, I would recommend being careful of quality. No one’s going to believe you can make a high-quality product if you can’t make a high-quality video. Poor quality could indicate poor product or service quality. It’s better to pass this task to professionals.

Live shooting can be quite expensive, and if you can’t afford it,  consider animation as an option.

An animation can be a good chance to create high-quality video at a more affordable price. Moreover, it can bring ANY concept to life even if a live video cannot.

Finally, a little recap: creating a Kickstarter video try to keep it short and high-quality. Stay on point during the process: represent yourself first and then feature the problem you are going to solve with your great idea.

If you have any questions or need some guidance to tell your story, feel free to contact us!

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