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Flight Costs – Animated Infographics Case Study

Our long-term partner, the Pilbara Regional Council, is the statutory authority established to serve the four local governments of the Pilbara Region in north Western Australia.

This council provides services to, and advocates for, the Pilbara Region. It’s end-goal is efficient, cooperative and sustainable local government, contributing to a region of social and economic prosperity.

The Council’s main goal for this project was to educate the public about the cost of flights to regional areas in Australia.

Could we explain the theory of Supply and Demand in one minute? No problem. We decided that animated infographics would be an effective and engaging tool for communicating this issue and they would ensure the viewer quickly comprehended the situation.

We were very impressed with the responsiveness of the Blue Carrot team, and with their efforts to both understand the subject matter and to then distill this down into a very engaging animated video. Viewers have been effusive in their praise; noting that brings real clarity to the issues, and succinctly summarises a very difficult set of economic concepts. We will certainly be commissioning other work through Blue Carrot Studio.
- Tony Friday Chief Executive Officer at Pilbara Regional Council
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