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Leading Schools Forward Dynamic Whiteboard Video

Animation brought the concept to life that no text or live video can.

Dynamic whiteboard video for Leading Schools Forward was not the first one related to the issue of education, but the thing is that this is not a product or service that can be easily explained.

The aim of this startup is to introduce a new people and value-centered model of work in school life. A shift from a required behavior to an inspired behavior.

Doesn’t sound like a piece of cake, does it? The goal was to create a short explanation of a complex model. In other words, a clear message understandable for a wide range of people – from sponsors to ordinary teachers and parents.

Like in any good explainer video, here we are featuring the problem that LSF sees in the modern education system in the USA.

Moreover, we are supporting it with the statistics. We should not forget that this video will be used for sponsors, state education chiefs, education friendly corporations and foundations, so it is not enough merely to tell a nice story. It must be founded on something.

Thus, we focused on the main idea of LSF – an organizational model rooted in trust, concentrated on qualities which define continuing success. This is not about paying attention to strategy and culture separately, it’s about their synergy – when individual and organizational goals come TOGETHER.

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We consider dynamic whiteboard style as the best way to represent a purpose of the Leading Schools forward. By the way, you may see the following article, where I explain the benefits of this approach.

This animation brought the concept to life that no text or live video can. Besides, boring talking heads are not enough anymore to break through the clutter but animated videos are a perfect combination of entertainment and simplicity. And they work!

So don’t burn daylight creating a boring and complex explanation of your idea, let your message be clear by using an animated video for your business promotion.

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