Flash Animation

Back in 2000, many professional animators turned up their noses at Flash, considering it to be worthy only of poorly-drawn internet animation.

Today, Flash is becoming the tool of choice for animators and studios.

You can hardly find cartoon series made without using Flash software.

While traditional animation is done by hand and frame by frame. Flash animation usually makes use of  “puppets”.

That means a character is broken into easier to deal with shapes. These puppets are manipulated and have very little variation at times when compared with traditional animation. Unless an artist alters the puppet frame by frame without using tweening, then it looks more computerized rather than slightly flawed.

The great thing about Flash is that it is less time consuming and, if done right, it can be nearly as good as traditional animation.

At the same time, Flash animation has its limits and doesn’t allow cartoons to be as fluid and alive as traditional animation technique.

In conclusion:

  • you can use Flash animation to create a fluid animation;
  • it will take less time and money;
  • despite all the benefits, real traditional cartoon animation looks better and more alive.