E-learning Videos

The main goal of e-learning videos is making the learning process easy and fun, keeping learners engaged.

E-learning Videos Creation

Modern education in schools or colleges and in corporations can already be called video based. In addition, in recent years, online learning has attracted more and more people. The format is especially popular with an audience of up to 20 years (more than 10% of them use the video platform to study). In total, more than half of users come to YouTube for new knowledge, and their number is promising to increase. Use this trend for your own purposes – turn to educational video production and discuss the topics in which you can mention your product or service.

Characteristics of a Good E-learning Video


  • It fits its target audience. Thus, the information that you provide solves the problems of a particular user segment, takes into account their educational level, etc.
  • It should be logical and consistent. Video e-learning should strictly follow the script in order not to make your viewer confused.
  • It should not be too long or too short. If you want to create online training videos, you should come up with an optimal length to convey all the necessary info but not make the view tired.
  • It should have simple graphics. Since we are talking about complex things in simple words, the graphics should be also simple.
  • The quality of the audio should be great. Otherwise, your viewers will not be able to fully understand you.
  • All the videos should be created in one style and format. Your corporate style and mp4 format will be the best approach.

The Ways to Get Benefit from Learn Video Production


  • Creating instructional videos can promote expertise. In this case, problems with themes for videos and video format does not arise at all. Such content is always perfect for any educational project. Videos are also used to promote on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Use training videos to sell physical goods. It is a fallacy to think that you cannot educate customers about anything just because you sell physical goods. The first thing that comes to mind is to train your customers to make the right choice among your products. People who have watched the video automatically begin to trust you more. They listen to your opinion, which means that loyalty to your proposals increases, and the only thing you need to do for it is to create educational videos.
  • Use training videos to sell a service. The main task here is to show the audience that you are a professional in your industry. To do this, you need to give visitors usefulness and value in the video format and tell what only a highly specialized professional like you can know.
  • Use training videos to train staff. Modern companies have been doing this for a long time when introducing new business processes or for raising the qualifications of employees, and the method to create training videos is really effective.

Types of E-learning Videos


  1. Instructor-Led lectures and training.
  2. Scenarios and simulations.
  3. Teaser video.
  4. Course videos.
  5. Webinars.
  6. Demos.

E-learning Video Production with Blue Carrot

Blue Carrot has a proven track record of educational videos created for non-profit and government organizations. Among them we cooperated with Caritas Jordan.

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