Cut Out Animation

Cut-out animation is one of the oldest and simplest animation techniques and has many forms and variations.

Cut Out Animation: An Inexpensive Way to Create Videos of Almost Any Type

The video is one of the most powerful tools to promote your business today. And if you are a supporter of a minimalist approach, and prefer to get a decent result for a minimum of effort and money, cut out animation video will help you to achieve this goal.

What Is Cut Out Animation and Its Best Examples

The essence of this animation type is that each character is not represented as a single whole, but as a combination of a set of elements, each of which can be controlled independently of the others. More components make the animation more complex and high-quality. That is, it is not necessary to draw every single frame. For this reason, the relatively inexpensive cost is a major advantage of animation cut out.

Generally, videos done using cut-out techniques are appealing flat-style videos.

One of the most famous cut-out animation examples is the movie South Park; just watch it again to feel the essence.

Cut Out Animation Techniques

  • Traditional paper cutout stop motion animation/ fabric cut outs. In this case, the hero is created on a physical medium – paper or a piece of cloth. After that, it is cut into its component parts, which can be controlled.
  • Digital Cut out animation. It all starts in the same way as in the traditional approach. However, after creation, the character is digitized and decomposed into parts using special software.
  • Flash cut out animation when the heroes become alive with the help of flash technologies.

Types of Video with Cut Out Animation

Due to the simplicity of the technique, video of almost any type can be implemented based on cut out technique. it’s the most popular solution for explainer and other marketing types of videos, like :

  • corporate video;
  • product video;
  • promotional video;
  • branded video;
  • cartoons.


How to Make Cut Out Animation

  1. The Script
  2. Storyboard
  3. Designs
  4. Vo recording Animation
  5. Sound design


Cut Out Animation Cost

These animation movies are a popular option because it saves production time and leads to smaller investments when compared to full cel animation; The price itself will differ for every specific project but be sure that it will be more than affordable. Our individual approach also allows us to find the perfect match in order not to go beyond the budget limits but still create a great solution for you.


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