2D Animation

This format has existed more than 100 years and still remains relevant in advertising.

2D Animation: One of The Most Cost-Effective Ways to Create a Video for Your Business

2D animation is the oldest form of animation, which began its existence back in 1877 in France. Despite such a solid period of 2d animation industry existence, the technology still finds its application.  In addition to the traditional usage in cartoons and cinema production, now this technology can be used in business promotion as well.


Main Reasons to Use 2D Computer Animation to Achieve Business Goals

  • The use of motion 2d animation makes the video more professional and interesting, thereby increasing the confidence of viewers to the brand and products.
  • Creating a video with the use of professional 2d animation, it is much easier to explain the benefits of the product and show it from the best side, talk about the brand, convey the ideology and values of the company in just a few vivid images.
  • 2D character animation turns out to be more cost-saving but no less effective than creating 3D animation or shooting an advertising film with real actors in real locations.


Types of 2D Animation

  • Classical (Traditional, Cell) 2D animation. Examples of such animation are animated films from the Disney studio. Traditionally, this method means the hand-drawing technique. Sure, Modern 2D animation outsourcing companies don’t use a pile of paper and pencil to create this type of animation. Nowadays, there are such tools like TV Paint, Krita, Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Animate.When creating commercials we always opt for traditional animation which is the best solution for appealing to viewers’ emotions and it has no boundaries on the script.
  • Flash animation has gained great popularity on the Internet due to its small size and speed of production. Short animation of this type is widely used to create commercials and multimedia presentations. Being a relatively inexpensive solution, it has a fairly strong advertising effect and is able to make a good impression on the viewer.
  • Rotoscoping is a technique when 2D animation is drawing over live-action footage.
  • Morphing animation. The essence of the morphing animation technique is in the seamless changing of an image, object or shape into another one. The result is achieved with the help of cross-fading method.
  • 2D skeletal animation is the way to animate characters that is mostly used in computer games and cartoons production.

How Do We Make 2D Videos

We follow this process when we create 2d animation videos in our studio.

  1. Concept.
  2. Script.
  3. Storyboard.
  4. Illustrations.
  5. Voice over.
  6. Animation.
  7. Music.


Blue Carrot as 2D Animation Company

If you are looking for a reliable partner and professional animation studio in one place to create a 2D video for your project, you can be sure that you have already achieved your goal. Blue Carrot offers 2D animation production at an affordable price. Make sure to contact us in order to discuss the details already now.

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