Empowering corporate education with custom training videos

Our team creates live, AI-generated, animated 2D and 3D videos that enhance corporate learning courses and training programs.

it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners

Delivering professional video production services for onboarding, basic training, upskilling, and other corporate educational activities

We help businesses unlock their employees’ potential through effective training videos fine-tuned to the specific needs of the organization.


Manage cognitive challenges

Effectively manage the cognitive load with dynamic training videos, making even the most complex information clear, simple, and easy to process.

Boost engagement

Capture employees' interest through storytelling, interactive elements, relatable scenarios, and visually superior content for an engaging learning experience.

Promote active learning

Drive proactive learning with quizzes, discussions, and real-world examples to ensure employee participation and a thorough understanding of the educational material.

Our process

Design phase

Our team formulates the instructional strategies to be used for the video course and determines its overall structure, content, visuals, and media. In addition to establishing the desired criteria for visual content, we collaborate with Subject Matter Experts to ensure the course structure aligns with business needs and can effectively deliver the desired level of skills or knowledge.


At this stage, our corporate training video production company produces all the text-based content for the video, encompassing storyboards, video scripts, subtitles/captions, assessment materials (questions or quizzes), on-screen instructions, transcripts, and any supplementary documents.

Media production

As a professional staff training video production company we design media assets for educational courses following one or several of the following approaches. Traditional, which involves live production with a camera crew, studio, and equipment, featuring presenters who are typically Subject Matter Experts but could also be hired actors. Animated, where the creative process involves designed illustrations and 2D or 3D animated sequences. Last but not least is AI-driven where our industrial training video production team uses Generative AI software, text-to-video tools, and AI avatars to deliver a human-like experience for a video course.


In the concluding phase, learning assets and media are packaged and delivered all per the requirements of the client’s platform. Our experts conduct final QA checks to confirm that the content aligns perfectly with established requirements, ensuring it is ready for delivery to learners. Our video production team is also well-versed in producing videos according to ADA/WCAG standards to be compliant with Section 508 accessibility requirements.


At Blue Carrot we also provide localization services for the training courses. Thanks to a wide network of multilingual specialists, we can adapt the most complex topics into various languages. Effectively preserving the meaning of the material as well as its nuances, cultural relevance, and contextual integrity. We work with the localization of a diverse range of components such as graphs, slides, and other media assets.

Project management and team

Our corporate training video company handles each project meticulously, considering all stakeholder needs and finding the right blend of interests, budget, and design. The Dedicated Project Manager assigned to a project guides every aspect of it from production through testing, delivery, to final implementation. We ensure transparent communication, offering clients clear timelines, weekly updates, and a robust risk mitigation strategy to address any delays proactively.

Maximizing internal training video production with AI
At Blue Carrot we support the use of generative AI to enhance corporate education, increasing output efficiency and employee engagement. As AI-generated videos start to gradually catch up to traditional ones in the influence they produce on learning and overall perception, our employee training video production company enables the delivery of substantial amounts of content for time-constrained projects, maintaining quality on par with live-shot videos.

Case studies


How to work with a video production company?

When creating a training video, it’s important to focus on the main goals of the course. This allows the production process to stay on track and keep the entire team aligned with your course vision. Frequent feedback to a team is also another important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Overall, an experienced video agency will already have all the processes fine-tuned, making the production process clear and straightforward. For more information about how to work with a production studio read our article here.

What to look for when hiring a video production company?

Choosing a professional training video company involves the consideration of key factors. Firstly, you should assess their experience and review examples of their past work. Additionally, evaluate the range of services they provide. For instance, you may require video localization for a different market or compliance with specific standards in a particular region. Also, examine the company’s transparency in their business operations, including their workflow, communication policies, risk management strategy, and so on.

How long does it take to produce a corporate training video?

The timeline for developing an instructional video or training program varies based on project length, complexity, and additional requirements, such as localization or formatting of an interactive video for a particular platform. On average, our training video creation company takes 3 months to develop an online course from scratch.

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