White Glove — E-Learning Course Case Study


Goal: to create a comprehensive video course for future white-glove contractors so they can get into new work tasks quickly and perform them well

Client: private client with broad expertise in logistics whose plan was to release an educational certificate course

Genre: an e-learning video series

Style: flat 2D animation 

Duration: 30+ minutes of educational content in total 

Professional white-glove last-mile certificate course: Task overview

Blue Carrot has been producing e-learning courses for years, and this series of short animated videos dedicated to while-glove services are one more example of how we deal with the task. 

This time, a client approached us with a task to create pieces of animation to fit their already existing voice-over (VO) text and make the overall course easy to understand and keep in mind for students. Another requirement was to create a Spanish localization, which included changing texts shown on the screen and adding a Spanish VO.

The target audience and their information consumption habits influenced the storyboard and style solution for the video. Blue Carrot took into consideration that the audience is almost entirely male, dedicating their evening time to certificate course watching. For these reasons, we needed our animation to be simple, straightforward, and soothing.   

Flat animation, VO, and localization. How we approach them  

The significant advantage of flat 2D animation, the video technique we applied to this e-learning course, is that it is simple and cost-effective—That’s why it enables teams to produce big pieces of content faster. In addition, our team used colors and styles approved as a part of further course branding.

The course for future white-glove contractors featured a few characters (contractors themselves, their partners, and clients,) with the story mainly revolving around vehicles and goods delivered from stocks to clients’ houses. With this, at the beginning and end of each video, you’ll find lists of statements from the video that the audience must remember. 

It took Blue Carrot 4 months to produce a series (30+ minutes of animated content). The production team included a screenwriter, illustrator, motion designer, producer, and localization video editor manager, as well as VO artists, translators, and proofreaders for English and Spanish.  

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