Lernetz – E-learning video series Case Study


Create an animated online course about sales techniques with 35 minutes of custom 2D animation in German, French, and Italian languages. The goal of the course is to train LerNertz’s sales representatives on how to sell the insurance company’s products based on the methods of the six key moments that lead to success.


LerNetz received a smooth delivery of the videos and e-learning course that was ready for distribution among insurance workers. The end client’s executives believe the course is contributing to sales growth, and we have already received positive feedback from its employees.

There also was the need to distribute this training to different departments and different locations. Being a well-established company with a huge amount of pre-existing branded content, the end client had a special request for the videos to be created within their exact visual style (illustration and animation-wise).

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Furthermore, we needed to make sure all the content was created error-free, since the correction process was very complicated,  involved many people, and could negatively affect the company’s reputation. 

The solution

After analyzing the project goals and the context, LerNetz proposed to create the learning course with a series of animated videos. They prepared the concept and scripts, while Blue Carrot was responsible for the visual part. 

In order to support the project’s timeframe, we set up multiple production teams with a few artists to spare. We also introduced a new job title: quality assurance specialist. We wanted someone who would thoroughly check the numerous deliveries with hundreds of feedback comments before sending them for review to the client. This person wasn’t over-loaded during the production process, and we managed to eliminate a few annoying mistakes in the long run.

In addition, we enlisted translators whose responsibilities were to:

  • translate all documents from the original language to English and back;
  • check timings in animatics to make sure everything was shown when it needed to be. 

This approach allowed us to take unnecessary burdens off the client and make sure the end result was flawless. 

The style

As the client’s tagline was simple and clear, we concentrated on the same approach during the video preparation. 35 minutes of animated scientific explanations from Blue Carrot, combined with live shot practical examples by LerNetz, were split into 6 short videos. As a result, the course was simple and easy to follow. 

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All graphic elements were aligned with the corporate style guidelines. This helped us create a seamless look and feel used throughout the whole company. The completed full HD animated videos were presented in the three languages (German, French, and Italian) to incorporate a multinational approach. 

In two months we reached our goal to prepare the training course for the different departments.

“Quality, on-point-delivery and a very personal customer service made this project very smooth. Blue Carrots capabilities to scale up the whole process is truly great. This gives creativity the needed space to organically unfold. Great job!”

– Max Hemmo,
Executive Producer at LerNetz AG

Working with LerNetz is a special pleasure for me as a perfectionist: structured requirements, propper guidelines, and following the timeline is especially important for a successful project. I would evaluate our partnership as high as the client’s feedback: “Parfait.”

– Svitlana R.,
Creative Producer at Blue Carrot


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