Blue Carrot recognized as a top video producer!

Aug, 21, 2018
Senior Account Executive

At Blue Carrot, we full-cycle production seriously. From concept to storyboard, we work on illustrations, animations, and sound effects, with attention paid to video results traction following the venture. We don’t cut corners or chop up the work. What’s more, if you go with Blue Carrot, you won’t have to shop around for contractors or worry about shotty outsourcing. We truly aim to touch hearts with our work. Thankfully, the nature of video production is such that the more we are able to connect with the viewer, to understand and humanize people, the greater the business-side of the interaction goes for both parties.

Clutch, the B2B ratings and review site compiles advanced quantitative data, precise case studies, and client testimony from analyst interviews. The Washington, D.C., firm makes business transactions more transparent and efficient through the power of information.

Recently, Clutch ranked us as a top video production company! And as much as we would like to take the credit, we think our clients deserve the brunt of the admiration. Without the close and productive relationships we’ve created over the years, there’s no way we would accomplished all that we have. The Clutch system picks up on these types of interactions and our clients described Blue Carrot in a candid and congratulatory manner.

Odeh Haddadin, co-founder of Opzets, recounted a typical Blue Carrot experience.

Odeh Haddadin
”Their quality of work is great and delivered in a timely manner. They sometimes work on weekends when we have tight deadlines just to deliver on time. We sometimes give them a number of projects, and they want to show their commitment.”
- Odeh Haddadin Co-founder at Opzets

Mari Nilson, CEO of IDEE FIXE Film, pointed out the Blue Carrot work ethic. “When they created the first videos, they had an acute eye for detail. Even if we hadn’t specified certain things, they did their own research to figure things out and added them in. They really went above and beyond what we asked, which was the most impressive thing for us.”

For some time now, we have put our clients first using transparent practices. We think open and honest work is the best way to operate. For that reason, we were thrilled to gain recognition from Clutch, a prestigious ranking firm that is known to provide an unbiased view of companies, and their sister site, The Manifest. Now, with additional client feedback provided by Clutch and accolades from both sites, we will be better able to understand our clients and their needs!

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