Bespoke e-learning content localization services for seamless and the most efficient educational course delivery

We provide full-scale e-learning translation and localization services for corporations and educators, producing localized media and content in compliance with international e-learning standards.

Our aweseome partners
Our aweseome partners

Blue Carrot empowers organizations with content localization for e-learning courses and training programs, ensuring complete regional compliance

We meticulously reconstruct source-language content into multiple languages, culturally adapting the content where necessary, guaranteeing accurate conveyance of the original meaning. Our customer-ready approach, backed by rigorous localization QA testing, allows for direct delivery of translated materials to learners, eliminating the need for additional reviews.

Multilingual scaling
We perform full-scale localization for e-learning content in multiple languages and language conventions recreating videos, ILOs, graphics, and reading materials.
Unprecedented time to market
By effectively streamlining the work of our linguistic and development teams, and leveraging AI technologies, we are able to greatly accelerate the launch of global e-learning products.
Ready with warranty
You don’t need to know the target language. Get a customer-ready level of output with no need for extra reviews or QA checks, backed by a comprehensive warranty on our e-learning localization services.

Our process

Creating glossaries and establishing style sheets

We involve Subject Matter Experts and collaborate with professional linguists to establish relevant glossaries and style sheets for future content outputs.

Media asset template preparation

Based on existing media, our e-learning content localization company thoroughly prepares templates, which are then used to produce localized videos, graphics, texts, and interactive learning objects (ILOs).

Content localization

We have a deep network of Subject Matter Experts ranging from University departments and professors to industry leaders in their respective fields including computer science, machine learning, generative AI, electrical vehicles, sustainability, health, business, and many more.

Output evaluation

Our tech-savvy team evaluates output linguistic levels using the DQEP process. It allows us to precisely guarantee the quality of the output and understand how the ready content will fit within the context of a culture-specific environment.


Packaging & delivery

The ready e-learning content is formatted to comply with the SCORM standards. We package the content in a way that allows it to be easily integrated and used in various Learning Management Systems (LMS) or e-Learning platforms.


Project management and team

Our e-learning localization company provides robust translation & localization services with dedicated Delivery and Project Managers overseeing the creation, testing, and delivery of the ready product. Our clients get a dashboard with clear timelines, weekly updates, and risk management, ensuring they have a complete understanding of the project’s progress.

Project managers
Head of Linguistic Department
Graphic designers
ILO developers
Motion Designers
Video editors
QA specialists
Leveraging generative AI and LLMs
Blue Carrot is an avid advocate of the use of generative AI to enhance e-learning content adaptation and end-to-end localization, making it more efficient and engaging. AI-generated synthetic videos become closely comparable to traditional ones in terms of their impact on learning and perception. At Blue Carrot, we can transform traditional videos into synthetic ones, adapting avatars, graphics, and voiceovers for each target language. This approach facilitates seamless updates to courses, even long after their initial completion.

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