Professional 2D Animation Services

Stand out
Share messages in a powerful format! 2D videos look fresh and authentic amid the modern online environment full of live videos.
Be efficient
Blue Carrot is a 2D animation studio that offers cost-effective full-cycle video production. 2D animation video production requires minimal resources and enables you to quickly enjoy the results of your campaigns.
Boost branding
Our 2D animation agency creates appealing and entertaining content that bolsters your clients’ perception of your brand’s creativity.

2D Animation Examples by Blue Carrot

Explore 2D movies by Blue Carrot of various styles. Since 2014, we’ve been producing 2D videos from scratch, creating everything including video idea development, scriptwriting, and animation.

Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS)

Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS)

DreamCo Design

DreamCo Design

Digital services


Digital services







We offer professional 2D animation services to boost your sales funnel conversions

Your goals — higher conversions and ROI, better outreach campaign results, increased brand awareness, testing marketing ideas in a cost-effective way. Our solution — 2D movies that leverage your sales funnel with a high ROI created by an experienced 2D animation production company like Blue Carrot

Promo videos

Promo videos

E-learning videos

E-learning videos

Corporate videos

Corporate videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos

Onboarding videos

Onboarding videos

Branded videos

Branded videos

2D movies can lead to higher conversions and ROI, better results for outreach campaigns, increased brand awareness, and cost-effective testing of marketing ideas. You can create any type of video with the Blue Carrot ​​2D animation production company.

How we can help

  • Easily explain anything
  • Achieve better ROI
  • Repurpose visuals
  • Impress target audiences

Easily explain anything

2D animation is a budget-friendly way to explain complicated or straightforward concepts to your viewers.

Easily explain anything

2D animation is a budget-friendly way to explain complicated or straightforward concepts to your viewers.

Achieve better ROI

Leverage all your marketing funnel stages with videos and improve ROI for your campaigns.

Repurpose visuals

Build characters and other visual assets once and repurpose them across your website design, overall branding, or even an annual corporate presentation. That will make your communication holistic and build brand recognition.

Impress target audiences

Classic animation is a smart way to create memorable images. Share stories created by our 2D animation company and provide your clients with superior visual experiences.

Blue Carrot injects heart, humor, passion, and a brand’s purpose into 2D animated videos that drive marketing goals.


Our 2D production company has mastered numerous visual styles of classic animation. The result is a look that uniquely embodies your brand and powerfully impacts viewers.

Where to Use 2D Animated Pictures

Your website

YouTube channel

Brand pages on Facebook

Instagram and other social networks

Exhibitions and other business events


Email chains

Our 2D Animation Production Company Pricing & Timelines

Average timing:
60 seconds to 120 seconds or more if the product or service is complex
Graphics complexity:
Medium (most prevalent techniques are 2D cutout, motion graphics, and whiteboard)
Type of Workflow — Waterfall:
On average, it takes us 4 to 8 weeks and 100 to 300 artist hours to produce 1 to 3-minute 2D animated video from scratch. The significant factors influencing our 2D animation services timelines and 2D animation budget are the complexity of your idea and video duration.

Use classic animation to make your communication efficient!

Testimonials & Cases

I had a fantastic experience working with Blue Carrot and will be using them for the majority of our company's creative projects going forward.
Neil Stanga
VP of Marketing and Business Development Scratch Financial, Inc


Explainer video

Explain an innovative payment service in an easy-to-understand way.
64 sec explainer video done in a playful style with a pet-friendly feel + 25 sec short version of the video for a social media usage.
86% - average viewer engagement, 34% - play rate, 8.5% - Call To Action clicks.
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The team at Blue Carrot met expectations, fulfilling the client's vision. Their talented team is creative, collaborative, and communicative. Clients who remain transparent will have a successful partnership with the Blue Carrot team.
Jay Correia
Owner at DreamCo


Promo video

Stand out with an extraordinary animation concept, use the video to share corporate values with potential customers, and strengthen branding as a whole.
70-second animated promo video featuring retro aesthetics for a website header and a YouTube channel.
DreamCo Design reported growth in conversions soon after adding a video to their main page header.
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Get price and budget estimates from the Blue Carrot 2D animation agency!

2D animation company team

You, the Client
At Blue Carrot, the client takes part in all production processes concerning professional 2D animation services. Your goals, ideas, and comments are our compass.
Creative Producer
The creative producer understands your business goals and requirements while serving as a single touchpoint between the creative team and you, the client. During the 2D animated video production they organize the team’s work and are responsible for the final result.
Blue Carrot writers have won international awards, including Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. They quickly get acquainted with any topic, from microbiology to IT, and build a story that perfectly suits a video format.
Storyboard Artist
Regarding professional 2D animation services, storyboard artists create compositions and sketches of future scenes and put them in the correct order so the entire team can imagine the final product.
2D illustrators create visuals necessary for the further production of animation (character design, locations, objects, etc.) to help your video appeal to the target audience’s experience.
Animators bring to life everything that we discussed with you during the script development, storyboarding, and illustration stage. They turn words and static images into video.
Sound Designer
An audio track can increase the effectiveness of your 2D movies..Our sound designers create the soundtrack by bringing together music, voiceover, and sound effects.
Voiceover Artist
A voiceover often accompanies 2D videos. As an international 2D animation video production company, Blue Carrot works with a wide range of voiceover artists. Our partner base consists of native speakers of different languages and a wide variety of ages, genders, nationalities, tonality, and modalities of voice.

Stand out with cost-effective 2D animation by Blue Carrot, a 2D animation production company

Blue Carrot is a full-cycle 2D animation outsourcing company. We carry out all tasks related to classic animation production for your company, including concept development, building characters, and storyboarding, as well as composing illustration and marketing-ready animation.

Niches where we apply 2D animation


Finance & Insurance






Video techniques

Flat 2D animation

Traditional animation

Cutout animation

Whiteboard videos

Motion graphics


How much does a production of 2D animation video cost?

It’s difficult to give a precise answer to this question since budgets may drastically vary from project to project, due to such factors as length of a video, its complexity, deadlines, and additional requirements that client sets before the 2D video development team. In general, however, the price tag of 2D animated video production services may start from $1,000 per minute, and go up to $7,000 per minute of produced content.

How to choose the best 2D animation studio for hire?

When deciding which 2D animation video production services to choose for your project, we recommend to pay attention to such factors as the experience of 2D animators for hire, the quality of their portfolio (and its relevance to your needs), cultural background, transparency of operations and communication. Another important factor is the team’s ability to understand the goals that client sets before the team, and produce 2D animation explainer video according to them.

How can I be sure that I get a quality result when working with your 2D animation production house?

To make sure that the 2D animation marketing video services we deliver match client expectations we work in close cooperation with the client throughout the entire video production process.

With each project our team performs significant preparation work that  includes interviews with a client, brief compilation, and cooperation on video calls (or in person). During each stage the client also gets two revision rounds.

This is done to align project goals with workflow, and ensure that the set goals will be 100% met. Thanks to such an approach, we reduce to a minimum the amount of corrections that need to be made during the final project review.

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