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Grab attention
Founded initially as a whiteboard animation studio, today, Blue Carrot offers cutting-edge technology for creating attention-grabbing videos of this genre.
Explain easily
Whiteboard hand drawing animation helps you to explain complicated topics by illustrating key issues simply and amusingly.
Save budget
Whiteboard is an animation genre that allows you to significantly reduce video production cost and time while still providing audiences with a unique visual experience.

Works by our whiteboard video production company

In 2014, Blue Carrot launched as an animation production studio focused on the whiteboard artistic technique. Our agency’s experience in this genre is extensive.



Explainer Video
Proforma SI

Proforma SI

Explainer Video


Explainer Video
Because We Care

Because We Care

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Explainer Video


Explainer Video

Produce videos for every sale funnel stage with our whiteboard animation studio

Whiteboard animation is an artistic technique that you can use for any type of E-learning or marketing video during any stage in the sales funnel. It works incredibly well for longer-duration and explainer video formats.

Promo videos

Promo videos

E-learning videos

E-learning videos

Corporate videos

Corporate videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos

Onboarding videos

Onboarding videos

Branded videos

Branded videos

How we can help

  • Memorable story
  • Strengthening visual branding
  • Easy-to-scale production
  • Cheap to produce

Memorable story

Whiteboard animation often doesn’t contain visual details that may distract users from the main point. However, it is dynamic enough to hold their attention for long periods.

Memorable story

Whiteboard animation often doesn’t contain visual details that may distract users from the main point. However, it is dynamic enough to hold their attention for long periods.

Strengthening visual branding

Whiteboard-style movies can help you stand out in the crowd of brands that use typical 3D and live shoot videos. This technique can follow your visual branding guidelines giving your communication a friendlier and more amusing vibe.

Easy-to-scale production

At our whiteboard video company, we can produce numerous minutes of top-notch video per month. This enables you to quickly respond to upcoming events with videos and communicate with your clients frequently.

Cheap to produce

Animation processes associated with whiteboard animation services are semi-automated, which speeds up production and makes it up to 3 times cheaper than cutout animation or 3D.

At Blue Carrot, we offer highly realistic and quick drawing videos at an affordable price.


We’ve developed an advanced algorithm of a drawer’s hand animation, which uses 1,500 photos of real hands. With this technology, we automate production at certain stages without compromising on quality.

Where to use:

Product launch campaign

Landing pages traffic boost

Corporate social media

Branding strengthening

Timelines and prices for whiteboard video production services

Average timing:
For our whiteboard animation services, it typically takes us 4 to 6 weeks and 70 to 170 artist hours to develop a launch-ready video up to 3 minutes in length.
Graphics complexity:
Whiteboard animation is easier to produce compared to the majority of other artistic video techniques.
Custom illustration complexity and video duration are both key factors that may influence both hourly rates and production timelines.


Testimonials & Cases

It was a pleasure to work with Blue Carrot Studio. The team exceeded our expectations in capturing our message, providing creative ideas and giving life to our vision. Not only are we happy with the quality of our final product but the process to get there was pain-free, hassle-free and an all around positive experience. We look forward to engaging in future projects with Blue Carrot Studio and highly recommend them for any animated video needs.
Paul Frank
Chief Technology Officer at Infoskill


Explainer video

Infoskill’s main goals are to either provide skill sets that are not available or to complement the resident security and technology team members in order to facilitate business functions, and to make technology an enabler for business functions rather than a hindrance and to secure the organization.
We struck a good balance of predictability and creativity to introduce Infoskill to their target audience. We thought a clean design and feature-focused script would provide just enough intrigue for the viewer to want to follow up on the call to action to learn more.
Read detail

Let your clients easily understand your products' values with whiteboard videos

Explainer video animation production team

At Blue Carrot agency, the client is involved in all areas of the project production.. Your ideas and comments serve as guiding stars throughout the different stages of the whiteboard animation production.
Creative producer
A producer understands your marketing goals and tech requirements and serves as a single touchpoint between you and the team of artists. They organize the group’s work, keep you in the loop on the financial side of the production, and show you the results.
Blue Carrot scriptwriters have won international professional awards, including Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. Their superpower is the ability to quickly get acquainted with any topic, from microbiology to IT, and build a story that perfectly suits a video format.
Storyboard artist
This part of our team creates compositions and sketches of future scenes and puts them into a sketchbook so that everyone, including you and the rest of the group, could imagine the future product.
These artists create illustrations necessary for the further production of animation (character design, locations, objects, packshot with logo, etc.). Our artists work in different styles and know how to interpret your brand.
These specialists turn everything that we discuss with you during script development, storyboarding, and illustration stages from words and static images into a video.
Sound designer
The expressiveness and meaningfulness of your presentation, marketing, or training videos can be increased by an audio track. Our sound designer creates the soundtrack by bringing together music, voiceover, and sound effects.
Voiceover artist
To make your movie provide people with the best possible multimedia experience, you need a voiceover. We have a broad base of VO artists, consisting of native speakers of different languages, ages, gender, nationality, tonality, and voice modality.

Why choose our whiteboard video production company?

With our whiteboard animation company, you can create a top-quality video based on ready-made or custom graphic elements that make your brand, product, or idea even more memorable.

We’ve created videos for a variety of industries:


Finance & Insurance






Popular formats whiteboard animated formats:

Explainer videos

Promo videos & Advertising

Corporate presentations

Training videos

Educational series

Kickstarter videos


What’s the difference between whiteboard, cutout, and classic animation?

Classic frame-by-frame animation consists of thousands of images. Each scene of such a professional video consists of multiple frames drawn by artists from scratch. 

In turn, cutout animation consists of fewer illustrations that are being animated with the help of software.


Whiteboard style, in turn, engages artists to create only vital images, which are often animated semi-automaically using the software. The whiteboard animation genre was initially invented by teachers who recorded training videos in which they drew or wrote something on the whiteboard. 


Our studio started as a whiteboard animation production company so this is one of our favorite styles 🙂

What does dynamic whiteboard animation mean?

The simplest type of whiteboard animation uses simple frames which are drawn by hand on a white background. Such videos often look pretty boring unless you use colors or unique sketch styles. 

Dynamic whiteboard animation means that a hand of a sketcher is present in the frame or real-time drawing imitated using the software. This approach makes a whiteboard movie more engaging. In addition, you can add simple 2D animation regarding characters there. 

Isn’t whiteboard animation a trend of the past?

The peak of popularity for this animation technique has passed. 7 years ago, many companies chose whiteboard animation services as it was considered trending. As a result, brands released similar videos, making it difficult to stand out from the competition.

These days, whiteboard video production services can become the solution for anyone looking to grab fresh attention , precisely because their competitors are not likely to use this style of animation. It is also an excellent solution for those who don’t pursue style trends and prefer to leverage great informativeness and cost-effectiveness of this style.

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