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Promo video production enables your business to connect with audiences in the way they will remember your messages.
Awareness boost
Promotional video production is about creating user experiences that intrigue potential customers and let them know about your solutions.
Motivation to learn more
Promo videos motivate people to take the actions your company needs. They drive conversions at the early sales funnel stages.

Explore our promo video production works

Blue Carrot has been offering promotional video services since 2014. Enjoy some of our significant work examples.



Promo Video


Promo Video


3D Promo Video


Promo Video


Promo Video


Promo Video

Strengthen your sales funnel with animated promo

Business promo videos are used at the first stage of a sales funnel. Their task is to raise brand awareness and let your audience take action to learn more about your brand. Promotional animation is usually not more than 20—60 seconds long.

Promo videos

Promo videos

E-learning videos

E-learning videos

Corporate videos

Corporate videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos

Onboarding videos

Onboarding videos

Branded videos

Branded videos

The video structure we often follow regarding promo videos consists of 3 elements: a creative idea based on your target audience’s pain point or insight, your brief product description, and a call to action. 

How we can help

  • Drive interest fast
  • Stand out
  • Multipurpose content
  • Build your brand

Drive interest fast

Business promotion videos are often short yet capturing and informative. Video requires less effort from users to study your message, even if it is complicated. In addition, they include a clear call to action.

Drive interest fast

Business promotion videos are often short yet capturing and informative. Video requires less effort from users to study your message, even if it is complicated. In addition, they include a clear call to action.

Stand out

Animated films are a safe bet for brands fighting for user attention when every other competitor heavily invests in video marketing. Unlike videos featuring real-life objects, animated content can always impress an audience with something fantastic.

Multipurpose content

Promotional video production results in you having a short video that clearly describes your fundamental value proposition. Use it everywhere you expect to meet your target audience for the first time: on your landing page, Facebook, or App Store.

Build your brand

Promo video is often the first touchpoint between you and your potential clients. Our promo video production agency creates a video in line with your visual branding and values helps you establish better contact with clients at the early communication stages.

Blue Carrot is a promo video company trusted by more than 200 companies from over 30 countries.


With us, you can outsource your promo video production completely and get release-ready content within 6 weeks or even earlier. 

When to opt for promotional video services:

Product launch campaign

Landing pages traffic boost

Social media ads

Branding strengthening

Promo video production pricing and timelines

Average timing:
It takes Blue Carrot from 4 to 6 weeks and 70 to 250 artist hours to produce an attention-grabbing promo video.
Graphics complexity:
Usually medium or high. The Blue Carrot promotional video production company works with various art techniques, including cutout, classic animation, whiteboard, and 3D. We select an animation genre based on your corporate style guide, audience insights, and the latest trends.
Several factors influence the budget of promotional video production services: animation style, script complexity, and video duration.

Drive sales by opting for promotional video services by Blue Carrot

Promotional video production examples by Blue Carrot

Overall, the final result was a creative, playful, and communication-effective animation that fulfilled most of our expectations. We would be happy to work with your studio again or to suggest it to interested parties. On behalf of By the Dutch team, thank you for the incredible work!
Riccardo Winspeare
Marketing Manager at By the Dutch

History of Gin

Explainer video

Support a new product launch with a marketing video; raise brand awareness and the potential client’s product curiosity.
We created a minute-long visual story with a capturing storyline that posseses light new product integration. The idea behind it was to motivate people to share facts from the video and the video itself. We composed music and opted for the cartoon style to make this video soulful and entertaining.
Posted on Facebook alone, the video got almost 10K views in 3 days, which is a hundred times more than a typical post on the same page (for example, the Saint Patrick’s Day one) got over 3 months.
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It is perfect! Thank you!!! It was a pleasure working with the Blue Carrot team.
Erin Kinney
Punahou School

Punahou Connect

Product explainer video

Promote an online platform for Punahou School alumni and motivate alumni to join the community
70-second explainer video that evokes good memories from student times and creates a friendly atmosphere
The video encourages newcomers to sign up for the platform
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Who’s involved in promotional video production services?

At our promo video production agency, you can take an active part in everything regarding your future video. Share with us your vision, references, and business insight.
Creative producer
A producer studies your marketing objectives and project requirements and then becomes a single touchpoint between you and an artistic team that creates your video. This person guides you through all the production processes.
Our scriptwriters have honorable international awards, including Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. They can quickly get into any topic, from eco products to IT, and create an insight-based story.
Storyboard artist
At Blue Carrot, artists develop compositions and draw sketches to visualize scenes. They put frames together so that you and other team members could imagine a business promo video in detail.
Illustrators are responsible for character, location, and object design. They create frames that motion experts will then use. The Blue Carrot artists are keen on various styles, including 3D and 2D.
Motion designer
Motion graphic designer matches your brand guide requirements, script, storyboard, and illustrations to provide you with an emotional and capturing video.
Sound designer
This team member creates a high-quality soundtrack by bringing together music, voiceover, and sound effects. They provide you with several examples of background music and effects.
Voiceover artist
Promotional video production often can’t do without a voiceover that improves user experience significantly. Blue Carrot offers you a wide range of professional VO artists of different languages, ages, gender, nationality, tonality, and modality of voice.

Why our promo video company is what you are looking for?

Blue Carrot has been helping brands find common ground with potential customers since 2014. 

Art techniques we use:




Motion graphics

Frame by frame

Live shooting

We’ve created promo videos for:


Finance & Insurance






Frequently asked questions concerning promo video production

Where should brands use animated promo videos? 

The most famous cases include landing pages, advertising on social networks, in-app advertising, PR articles, sponsored or business-oriented offline events. However, you need a promo video wherever your first touchpoint with a potential customer is. 

A promo film is designed to make an audience curious about your solution and take another step to learn more about you. For example, visit your brand page.  

What makes an excellent commercial promo video? 

At Blue Carrot, we believe that emotions lead to higher conversion rates if you speak about promo videos. That’s why we never start developing a film idea without having a list of the client’s pain points and insights. 

How can I participate in promotional video production as a client?  

Above in this article, we described a typical production roadmap which consists of 5 stages. At each of them, you’ll have 2 review sessions where you can see intermediate results and share your thoughts and suggestions on them. 

You can also provide us with your business promo video script vision and art references during our first meetings to consider them.  

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