Cut Out Animation Services

Revealing your concept
Cut out animation services provide decent flexibility for storytelling. This animation style allows you to tell engaging stories and showcase complex concepts.
At Blue Carrot’s cut out animation studio, we leverage the experience of our award-winning artists to make your messages memorable.
Balanced cost
Digital cut out videos require significantly fewer resources compared to 3D or classic animation.

Cut Out Animation Examples

Enjoy movies created by the Blue Carrot cut out animation agency. We use top-notch software to offer you the best possible result in a short timeframe



Explainer Video
Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS)

Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS)





Punahou Connect

Punahou Connect




Build a Perfect Sales Funnel with the Blue Carrot Cut Out Animation Agency

Promo videos

Promo videos

E-learning videos

E-learning videos

Corporate videos

Corporate videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos

Onboarding videos

Onboarding videos

Branded videos

Branded videos

Cut out animation style can be applied to compose videos of all types mentioned above. Share your idea, brand book, and details on your audience and our cut out animation company will tell you if this technique is the right fit, or if you should go in a different direction.

How we can help

  • Explain your concept
  • Differentiate
  • Boost your brand
  • Time to market

Explain your concept

With our cut out animation production services, you can turn your ideas and knowledge into simple-to-understand motion pictures.

Explain your concept

With our cut out animation production services, you can turn your ideas and knowledge into simple-to-understand motion pictures.


“Flash” or digital cut out animation helps you stand out in the crowd of brands that typically promote themselves online with live shoot videos.

Boost your brand

The Blue Carrot cut out animation production company will consider your clients’ values to strengthen your image throughthe video we create.

Time to market

Cut out animation techniques are time-effective in production, meaning you can start promoting products faster.

Blue Carrot’s cut out animated video production enables you to create appealing videos with characters, even if you have a limited budget. 


All of our cut out animation examples are based on a robust creative concept in line with our client’s business goals. 

Where to use:


Social media


Email marketing




Cut Out Animated Videos Production Details

Average timing:
It takes around 6 weeks and 200 artist hours to create a standard cut out video up to 2 minutes long.
Graphics complexity:
Medium, as cut out animation services, are based on characters with multiple adjustable components (like puppets), which are easier to animate compared to traditional animated videos.
The Blue Carrot cut out animation studio’s workflow:
At Blue Carrot, we use the waterfall model. The project is often divided into several stages where you can review intermediate results and add suggestions at every review round.

Reach your business goals with our cut out animation production company

Cut Out Animated Videos Production Cases

It is perfect! Thank you!!! It was a pleasure working with the Blue Carrot team
Erin Kinney
Punahou School


Explainer video

The main goals of Punahou Connect are to explain the online platform to the alumni and solicit them to sign up.
We believe that such an approach to the creation of this explainer video will definitely bring about positive memories and emotions that will encourage people to sign up for the platform.
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We decided to make the video bright and light with the help of a white background and colorful characters. All these visual details showcase the product as easy and discreet. Exactly how we wanted the target audience to see it. The storyline is based on a classic use-case approach – a short story about a representative from the target audience.
Kalgera Project Manager


Explainer video

The Kalgera guys came to us for help creating a video for their unique platform. If you’re unfamiliar, Kalgera is a London based innovative digital platform that supports caregivers of the elderly in the day-to-day management of their finances.
We produced this animated explainer video for Kalgera, a simple and secure fintech platform that older people can use with a nominated carer to keep on top of their money without compromising PINs or account details.
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Our Cutout Animation Team

At our cut out animation agency, you participate in all the critical stages of video production. Your suggestions, assumptions, and expert opinion are our guiding stars.
Creative producer
A producer digs into your creative campaign objectives and requirements. This person is a single touchpoint between you and our executive team at our cut out animation company.
A scriptwriter is a crucial figure in the cut out animated videos production process. They write a story that will lead your audiences to take the targeted action. Our scriptwriters have won international awards, including the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.
Storyboard artist
The Blue Carrot’s cutout animation team includes artists who develop compositions and scene sketches, combining them into a cohesive storyboard so you can imagine the future product in detail.
Illustrators draw character models and their cut out components, as well as props and scenes. They are keen on different styles and can translate your brand values into illustrations.
Professional animators bring together a script, a storyboard, and illustrations to create a comprehensive video. To achieve that, they develop frames by slightly adjusting cut out model components.
Sound designer
The right audio track makes your cut out motion pictures dynamic and attention-grabbing. We know how to fill videos with dramatic or romantic vibes combining sound effects, music, and voiceover.
Voiceover artist
At Blue Carrot, we have an extended base of professional VO artists who are native speakers of different languages with a wide variety of ages, gender, nationality, tonality, and modality of voice. We’ll help you to find the right candidate and fully outsource the voiceover recording.

What You Need to Know About Our Cut Out Animation Production Services

Blue Carrot offers you cut out animation production services that will contribute u to your marketing or education goal. Use the oldest animation technique to grab users’ attention and promote your ideas or products. 

Most popular cut out animation styles:

Flat 2D cut out animation

Painted 2D

Minimalistic contour cut out movies

Fiction 3D cut out animation

Our cut out animation agency has worked for a variety of industries:





Sports & Beauty


NGO & Social

Popular Questions on Cut Out Animated Videos Production

What makes our cut out animation production services more cost-effective than others?

Take a closer look at our cut out animation examples

As you can see, their frames showcase characters that consist of static elements like puppets (cutout animation is also called “puppet animation” sometimes). Cut out characters’ components only change their position on the screen semi-automatically by leveraging modern software (hands, eye expressions, legs, etc.). 

By not creating every frame from scratch, but rather using existing components, artists spend less time creating a seamless video. The main trick is to create flexible character models that can then perform all the actions within a visual story (the process is called rigging).

What’s the difference between cut out and traditional animation styles?

The main feature that distinguishes cut out animation from traditional animation is that our team of artists does not need to draw frame-by-frame from scratch (as is the case with classic animation). 

With the help of modern software, we create a character model that consists of components that can be adjusted (like “puppets”). As a result, the cut out picture looks flatter and simplified compared to a traditional 2D frame.

Where should companies and NGOs use cut out characters for the best possible results?

There is no definite answer to this question. Our cut out animation production company will study your campaign goals, overall branding, products, and audiences, as well as your budget and deadlines. After that, we will select an artistic technique that will most likely help you achieve your goal.

In a broad sense, cut out animation can be used to create any kind of video. More often, we create explainer videos and promotional videos of this style.  It is also suitable for tutorials and other educational materials.

Let your message turn into a story

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