Who are these Blue Carrot?

Founded in 2014
Blue Carrot team Blue Carrot team

Blue Carrot is your creative partner in video production

Blue Carrot unites a creative leadership team and artists with strong experience in their field

Tim Aleksandronets Tim Aleksandronets

Tim Aleksandronets


Alex Nykonets Alex Nykonets

Alex Nykonets

Creative Director

Christina Khomyn Christina Khomyn

Christina Khomyn

Client Partner

Liuda Baida Liuda Baida

Liuda Baida

Creative Producer

Inna Tymoshchuk Inna Tymoshchuk

Inna Tymoshchuk

Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Petro Tovstyi Petro Tovstyi

Petro Tovstyi

Motion Designer

Yurii Slavinskyi Yurii Slavinskyi

Yurii Slavinskyi

Motion Designer

Natalia Lekh Natalia Lekh

Natalia Lekh

Financial Manager

Angelina Kasyan Angelina Kasyan

Angelina Kasyan

HR Manager

Maryna Buchinska Maryna Buchinska

Maryna Buchinska

Creative Producer

Ekaterina Bochkar Ekaterina Bochkar

Ekaterina Bochkar


Vitalik Sivak Vitalik Sivak

Vitalik Sivak


Dima Diadia Dima Diadia

Dima Diadia

Lead Motion Designer

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With Blue Carrot, video production is a simple process. We incorporate clients’ ideas and pursue their business goals, — that is what helped us to win the trust of 200+ clients

Tim Aleksandronets

We match business & numbers with emotion & creativity

Our videos explain, engage, inspire and educate to drive effective communication.

Communication Goals

At Blue Carrot, we analyze your goals and audience insights to shape the concept of your video. Our experience helps us to deliver the best possible outcome in communication.

Emotion & Creativity

Animated storytelling has its own laws, which we’ve mastered working on 300+ videos. We know how to make the audience laugh, focus on a certain statement, or quickly grasp an idea.
  • Simple Processes
  • Client Involvement
  • Advice
  • Creativity & Trends

Simple Processes

We make the video production process easy to understand and our creative producers guide clients through it step-by-step.

Simple Processes

We make the video production process easy to understand and our creative producers guide clients through it step-by-step.

Client Involvement

At Blue Carrot, the client is a member of the creative unit. Clients share ideas at the concept development stage and give us honest feedback during review sessions.


We have learned a lot of marketing insight from our clients. Using this experience, we help clients to understand what they can get out of video marketing, what kind of videos they need and how to use these videos most efficiently.

Creativity & Trends

While keeping business goals in mind we always try to implement out of the box ideas and trendy modern stylistics.

The Value

Blue Carrot creates animated videos that make marketing and learning efficient. 

We help our clients understand what they can get from marketing and learning videos, choose what type and style of video they need for achieving their goals, and provide a full cycle of video production: from idea to completed video. Our clients take an active role in our process and together we create videos that inspire their audiences: make them laugh, focus on an important statement, or quickly grasp an idea.

We do not work with tobacco producers, gambling businesses, erotic content, or weapons. We support Ukraine and don’t cooperate with Russians or Belorussians.

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