Blue Carrot is an agency specializing in educational content creation, video production, and content localization.

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Our team is committed to educating and engaging audiences through immersive media experiences. Since opening our doors in 2014, we've set ourselves in the global marketplace by creating content for esteemed clients such as the United Nations, DNB, Takeda, University of Southern California, Charité Medical University, etc.
Blue Carrot operates globally, having members in the US, the EU, and Eastern Europe, collaborating with clients and contractors across multiple time zones, from Pacific Time to GMT +3. With a diverse portfolio spanning over 300 clients globally, we handle projects of all sizes, from short 60-second explainers to extensive e-learning courses consisting of over 1 500 minutes of video and 2 000 interactive slides across multiple languages.
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Our Journey

Company today
Early days

Company today

Today, Blue Carrot is a full-cycle media production agency with over 500 successful global projects completed. We’ve evolved from a small team to a full-scale operation boasting an award-winning team of specialists across diverse fields. Through our extensive experience working with global businesses, we’ve gained invaluable insights into our clients’ needs. With this knowledge, we are prepared to address all industry challenges head-on with innovative solutions.

Early days

Our story dates back to 2014 when we began as a two-person whiteboard video production crew. Setting ambitious goals, we continually mastered new technologies to craft outstanding content for our clients. During this time, we developed a unique script for whiteboard animation, enabling us to offer the most technically superior whiteboards on the market. Collaborations with companies that trusted our vision and gave us creative freedom resulted in the first prominent videos by Blue Carrot.


Along with exceptional clients, our desire to strive for excellence led us to new challenges. We became pioneers in using emerging developments in Artificial Intelligence at a massive scale. The most prominent developments in AI are currently in the subfields of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI. We are among the first companies to have developed hundreds of hours of fully synthetic videos for our clients. We reduce dependency on subject matter experts by leveraging LLMs to create script materials for course design or video scripts.


We established a professional localization department to support clients engaging with diverse audiences. Adhering to ISO 17100:2015 principles, we produce localizations of the content that are end-customer-ready at any scale, whether for courses on renewable energy or explainer promo videos.


Blue Carrot has been recognized with numerous industry awards and ratings, including ranking #1 by Clutch among the Top Video Production Companies for Educational Institutions. Additionally, we were featured by the Behance jury for producing creative and artistic promo videos. DesignRush also recognized us with an award for our production of one of the best explainer videos in 2022. We are listed among the Top 30 Video Marketing Companies by Web Design Rankings, and featured in the Top 10 Video Production Companies on Clutch. Furthermore, we have been rated as a 5-star e-learning content provider by eLearning Industry.

Value proposition

E-learning development
We tackle modern online education challenges

In e-learning, whether end-to-end online course creation, partial production, or just localization of educational content, we help to enhance learner engagement. We streamline Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) involvement and optimize budgets and time-to-market. Additionally, we provide expert guidance on learning design, media formats, and AI usage, assisting clients in identifying the most effective strategies for their goals and producing accessible content to reach these objectives.


Animated videos for marketing
We help clients understand what they can get from marketing videos

We create media that makes marketing efficient. Inspiring audiences is our goal: making them laugh, focus on an important statement, or quickly grasp an idea. Clients choose us to obtain enduring assets that deliver measurable ROI, rather than simply following modern trends. We work closely with clients to determine the type and style of video needed to achieve their goals, providing end-to-end video production services — from initial concept to final delivery.

"Our goal is to provide clients with the most efficient solution. We guide them through all common content formats, helping them choose the right one based on the project objectives and constraints. Additionally, we educate clients on the project development process, offering insights into resource optimization and leveraging AI".
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Tim Tim
Alex Alex
Creative Director
Natalia Natalia
Financial Manager
Angelina Angelina
HR Manager
Christina Christina
Client Partner
Liuda Liuda
Creative Producer
Ekaterina Ekaterina
Inna Inna
Illustrator, Graphic Designer
Maryna Maryna
Creative Producer
Petro Petro
Motion Designer
Dima Dima
Lead Motion Designer
Yurii Yurii
Motion Designer

Corporate vibe

Blue Carrot trusted by


Amaya Cervino
University of Southern California
Everyone in the company stands out for their professionalism, creativity, willingness to troubleshoot, and communication. We couldn't hope for a better collaboration partner.
Neil Stanga
VP of Marketing and Business Development Scratch Financial, Inc.
I had a fantastic experience working with Blue Carrot and will be using them for the majority of our company's creative projects going forward.
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Saskia Boogman
External Content Manager, Kampgrounds of America, Inc.
Working with you and your team was an absolute pleasure. Not only did you work with my tight deadline, but went far beyond my expectations.
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Anna Tsytsak
GBH Programme Assistant at UNFPA
We got the 5-star product that we expected. Blue Carrot is a reliable vendor and I would highly recommend them for creating online courses.
Max Hemmo
Executive Producer at LerNetz AG
Quality, on-point-delivery and a very personal customer service made this project very smooth. Blue Carrot's capabilities to scale up the whole process is truly great. This gives creativity the needed space to organically unfold.
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Daniel G.
CEO and Creative Director at Digital Learning Studio
The team at Blue Carrot is very responsive to suggestions, but also takes creative initiative in order to get the job done without a lot of guidance.

Frequently asked questions

What types of media do you produce?

We work with diverse media formats, including live videos with animated overlays, 2D/3D animation, synthetic videos, and interactive videos. Our expertise encompasses various animation styles and types. In e-learning development, we offer comprehensive services ranging from script writing and storyboarding to end-to-end course production. This includes creating all necessary media assets, interactive objects, illustrations, reading materials, and handouts. We also provide consultations and localization services.

I’m only interested in partial services. Can you help with that?

Absolutely. In addition to offering end-to-end production services, we can also provide specific services tailored to what clients are looking for — production of certain assets like videos or ILOs, localization, and much more.

Where can I see the examples of your work?

You can explore our portfolio section to view our most recent work across various niches and industries — from educational courses to video explainers, tutorials, or promos.

How can I request a quote or schedule a consultation for my project?

Simple! Just click the Contact Us button at the top of this page, briefly describe your project needs, and our team will contact you within one business day.



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