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Our aweseome partners
Our aweseome partners

Our mission is to design bespoke online learning materials that train or upskill effectively.

We create immersive learning experiences that generate predictable outcomes by utilizing a backward design-driven curriculum development and applying cutting-edge technologies for content production.

Speed up course launch
Produce and localize e-Learning courses rapidly at any scale, or entrust specific production stages to Blue Carrot pros.
Optimize expenses
Access cost-effective e-learning content development solutions and technologies like AI for a more effective production process.
Streamline quality
Get your content QA-tested. Forget about endless reviews and back-and-forths.

Our process

Learning design

As an e-learning content development vendor, we first seek to understand our learners’ most critical problems, establish learning outcomes, and a metrics strategy to guide curriculum design. Then, using relevant learning science principles, we design a scalable learning experience pattern. Afterward, we collaborate with subject matter experts and authors to populate course blueprints with content that is aligned with pre-defined objectives.

SMEs network
Our outsourcing e-learning content development agency has an extensive network of Subject Matter Experts. They range from university departments and professors to industry leaders in various fields such as computer science, machine learning, generative AI, electric vehicles, sustainability, health, and business, among many others.

Media production

We believe that interactive and immersive learning improves learning outcomes and eases the teaching process. Blue Carrot is at the forefront of technological developments in educational media, using video, ILOs, and AI to create bespoke learning experiences.

Animated videos
AI videos
Live videos
Interactive Learning Objects

QA and delivery

Blue Carrot conducts thorough automated and manual QA checks, covering learning design, media files, and technical compatibility. All deliverables are finalized to specs. We also provide our clients with a comprehensive warranty on our custom e-learning content development services.


We provide comprehensive localization and e-learning content development services by reconstructing source-language content in the target language, effectively conveying the original meaning. Three internal review steps ensure top quality, making all the content ready for direct customer delivery.

Project management and team

Our clients get a dedicated Delivery Manager overseeing course creation, testing, delivery, and implementation. We offer a dashboard with clear timelines and weekly updates, ensuring timely response to any potential delays and risk mitigation.

Delivery Managers
Project Managers
Learning Designers
Instructional Designers
Graphic Designers
Storyline Developers
Motion Designers
Video Editors
QA Specialists
Leveraging generative AI & LLMs
We harness the latest advancements in AI, such as Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), to revolutionize media production. With their assistance, we can produce content at unprecedented speed and on a larger scale, reaching a level of sophistication often on par with human-made media — sometimes even indistinguishable.
Our e-learning content development company has extensive experience handling projects of all sizes, from a few media assets to producing over 40 courses (10,000+ video minutes, 6,000 interactive pages), all completed in about four months

Case studies


How is AI used in e-learning course production?

AI can play a substantial role in e-learning course production, transforming the way educational content is created, delivered, and personalized for the learners. By utilizing Generative AI (synthetic media creation) tools and Large Language Models (LLMs) best e-learning content development companies can enhance and accelerate content creation and deliver highly personalized learning experiences. These technologies and specialized software offer new opportunities to create immersive and effective learning experiences that cater to the diverse needs of today’s learners. All this makes e-learning content development for colleges and universities as well as other organizations faster and more efficient.

How to leverage LLM in e-learning content production?

LLMs allow for the rapid generation of high-quality, contextually relevant text for course materials, lectures, assignments, and assessments. It allows SMEs to focus solely on validating accuracy and clarity, thus effectively minimizing their efforts and time investment.

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