Full-cycle online course development services for corporations and educators

We provide custom online course creation services to elevate the educational experiences of your learners. From curriculum creation to course release, we've got every step covered.

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it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners

Blue Carrot delivers outcome-driven e-learning solutions for training & transformation purposes

with a cutting-edge approach to educational design & media production


Full cycle production

We collaborate to define your needs, involve you in key development stages for feedback, and deliver polished, QA-tested, and ready-to-launch courses, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Engaging content

Receive courses enriched with diverse media formats that enhance the learning journey for optimal subject understanding and information retention.

Learning progress and outcomes audit

Get detailed insights into how students perform through the course and assess the learning outcomes in real-time.

Our process

Learning design

At Blue Carrot we assess the key learner needs first, establish desired course outcomes, and metrics strategy that serves as a foundation for curriculum design. We then develop a scalable learning pattern based on the learning science principles relevant to each specific course. By collaborating with subject matter experts, we shape content, populate the course blueprints with it, and hand it over to our production team, who then assemble the ready online course.

SMEs network
As an e-learning course development company, we boast an extensive network of Subject Matter Experts, spanning university departments, esteemed professors, and industry leaders across diverse domains like computer science, machine learning, generative AI, electric vehicles, sustainability, health, and business, ensuring top-tier expertise for our clients.

Media production

We strongly believe that interactive and immersive learning experiences can greatly enhance educational outcomes and simplify the teaching process. This is why we as an online course creation consultant select cutting-edge educational media technologies like video, interactive learning objects (ILOs), and AI to design personalized, exceptional learning environments.

Animated videos
AI videos
Live videos
Interactive Learning Objects

QA and delivery

Our team performs meticulous automated and manual QA checks encompassing learning design, media files, and technical compatibility to ensure all deliverables meet our strict standards. Additionally, we provide clients with a robust warranty for our bespoke e-learning course development services.


Our professional linguists seamlessly reconstruct the content from the source language to the target language while also preserving the intended meaning. Plus, our three-stage internal review process guarantees our clients high quality of the output material, making the project ready for direct customer delivery.

Project management and team

Each client is assigned a dedicated Delivery Manager to oversee every aspect of course creation, testing, delivery, and implementation. We provide a user-friendly dashboard displaying clear timelines and weekly updates, ensuring prompt responses to potential delays and effective risk management.

Delivery Managers
Project Managers
Learning Designers
Instructional Designers
Graphic Designers
Storyline Developers
Motion Designers
Video Editors
QA Specialists
Leveraging generative AI and LLMs
We harness the latest advancements in AI, such as Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), to revolutionize media production. With their assistance, we can produce content at unprecedented speed and on a larger scale, reaching a level of sophistication often on par with human-made media — sometimes even indistinguishable.

For whom:

Educational sector

Our custom e-learning course development services are ideal for educational platforms and institutions offering a wide range of courses and programs. We develop engaging, high-quality learning products that enhance their offerings, ensuring a seamless educational experience for the learners.

Corporate training

Use our tailored course creation services to elevate your workforce. Whether it’s upskilling your employees, educating your clients, or various stakeholders, we can help design solutions to empower impactful training experiences.

Mass trainings (like NGOs)

Being an online course consultant agency, we specialize in developing e-learning courses for NGOs, enabling the creation of immersive social learning initiatives accessible to citizen groups of different ages, regions, and cultural backgrounds.

Let’s create an
e-learning course?

Our team has experience working with various project complexities and sizes anywhere from few videos to producing 40+ courses (10 000+ video minutes and 6 000 interactive pages) within ~3 months

Case studies

Everyone in the company stands out for their professionalism, creativity, willingness to troubleshoot, and communication. We couldn't hope for a better collaboration partner.
Amaya Cervino
University of Southern California
We got the 5-star product that we expected. Blue Carrot is a reliable vendor and I would highly recommend them for creating online courses.
Anna Tsytsak
GBH Programme Assistant at UNFPA
Quality, on-point-delivery and a very personal customer service made this project very smooth. Blue Carrots capabilities to scale up the whole process is truly great.
Max Hemmo
Executive Producer at LerNetz AG
The team at Blue Carrot is very responsive to suggestions, but also takes creative initiative in order to get the job done without a lot of guidance.
Daniel G.
CEO and Creative Director at Digital Learning Studio

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