SaaS Video Production Services

At Blue Carrot, we create insightful SaaS product videos that make your marketing strategies excel. The services include full-cycle video production from idea to rotation-ready SaaS video.


The SaaS promo videos clients get from us are target audience research-based and designed to fit your marketing objectives and brand visual guidelines.

The Blue Carrot video production studio is trusted by 200+ companies from 30+ countries.

SAAS video by Blue Carrot

Touch-type Read and Spell

Explainer Video


3D Animation Video

Route4Gas Platfrom

Explainer Video


Explainer Video Story

Punahou Global Aloha

2D animation explainer

Toggle (Investment AI platfrom)

Animated Explainer Video

Cover any sales funnel stages with an SaaS video by Blue Carrot

Due to the non-material nature, software as a service product is hard to explain in a nutshell. As an SaaS video production company, Blue Carrot addresses this issue by creating promo videos, short SaaS product videos, and demo videos for brands.


Using our animated stories, you create both a brilliant user experience and brand image that sticks in your followers’ minds.

Promo videos

Promo videos

E-learning videos

E-learning videos

Corporate videos

Corporate videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos

Onboarding videos

Onboarding videos

Branded videos

Branded videos

Make an SaaS promo video that converts

3 major issues SaaS videos resolve

Nothing to show customers
Help your SaaS company go visual and appeal to your customers with SaaS promo videos filled with smooth animations.
A target customer is difficult to spot
Raise brand awareness through SaaS promo videos that are amusing and easy-to-digest. Start them by visualizing a customer’s pain point.
Innovations are hard to explain
Help people to delve into your offer, spending a minimum of time and cognitive resources.

SaaS product videos benefits

How we make an SaaS promo video

There are 4 steps in SaaS product demo video production. You will have the opportunity to review our work at each step and add your suggestions.

1st week
01. Strategy Meeting & Scripting
You share your video marketing goals and project requirements with us. We develop a creative concept, project outlines, and a working script.
2nd week
02. Storyboarding & VO Casting
You review our complete storyboard, which is a sequence of sketches designed for you and our creative team to understand key things about your future SaaS video. Together, we also cast and select voiceover artists.
3rd and 4th weeks
03. Style-framing and Illustrating
Here, you check out our style-frame featuring main characters, objects, and locations. Once the style is defined, we create illustrations for your SaaS company video.
5th and 6th weeks
04. Animating
See how animated static illustrations are turned into a holistic video clip! Then, music and sound effects are added. You check out the results and leave final suggestions, if needed.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Blue Carrot's output has just been launched on social media. The company is pleased with the project's outcome. Customers can expect excellent engagement from the team.
Meredith Cicerchia
Marketing Manager at Touch-type Read and Spell


Explainer video

Create an explainer video for the online program, where the target audience is mature learners of all ages and backgrounds.
SaaS video content solution:
90-second emotional video created in the 2D cutout style.
The client's team noticed an increase in the engagement rate.
The video gained art-recognitions on Behance.
I had a fantastic experience working with Blue Carrot and will be using them for the majority of our company's creative projects going forward.
Neil Stanga
VP of Marketing and Business Development Scratch Financial, Inc


Explainer video

Explain an innovative payment service in an easy-to-understand way.
SaaS video content solution:
64-second explainer video done in a playful style with a pet-friendly feel as well as a 25-second short version of the video for use on social media.
86% — average viewer engagement, 34% — play rate, 8.5% — CTA clicks.
Read detail

How much do SaaS promo videos cost?

On average, it takes us 4 to 8 weeks and 100 to 300 artist hours to produce a 1 to 3 minute SaaS video from scratch.


The major factors influencing SaaS video production service timelines and pricing are the animation style and video duration.

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Blue Carrot is about high-quality B2B and B2C SaaS videos that convert

We have already created SaaS product videos featuring the advantages of digital products for clients in healthcare, retail, education, manufacture, fashion, and many other areas.

Video production for SaaS solutions


Finance & Insurance





Techniques we use


Motion graphics

Frame by frame (traditional)



Live shooting

Who’s involved in video production for SaaS

At Blue Carrot, the client takes part in all processes concerning SaaS video production. Your goals, ideas, and comments are our compass.
Creative producer
This is a person who understands your marketing goals, corporate culture, and requirements while serving as a single touchpoint between you and the team of artists. They organize the work of the team and are responsible for the final result.
Blue Carrot scriptwriters have won international awards including Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. Their superpower is the ability to quickly get acquainted with any topic, from microbiology to IT, and build a story that perfectly suits a video format and appeals to the personal experience of your audience.
Storyboard artist
This team member creates compositions and sketches of future scenes and puts them in the correct order so that everyone, including you and the rest of the team, can imagine the future product.
These are the artists who create visuals necessary for the further production of animation (character design, locations, objects). Our artists work in different styles and know how to feel your brand.
We need these specialists so that everything that we discussed with you in the script development, storyboarding, and illustration stages turns from words and static images into a video. They do magic!
Sound designer
The expressiveness and meaningfulness of your explainer animation can be increased by an audio track. Our sound designer creates the soundtrack by bringing together music, voiceover, and sound effects.
Voiceover artist
Most of the visual stories are accompanied by a voiceover. Blue Carrot has a wide base of VO artists, including native speakers of different languages, as well as a variety of ages, genders, nationalities, tonalities, and modalities of voice.

Let your message turn into a story

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