Empowering educators with custom learning design and instructional design services backed by LLMs

We deliver e-learning and instructional design services, taking on the entire process from the development of educational programs to engaging with SMEs for effective course delivery.

Our aweseome partners
Our aweseome partners

Blue Carrot makes you less dependent on SMEs to create learning and instructional designs for online training modules and custom e-learning courses with the help of AI

Access professional expertise
Consult with professional instructional design experts to help with the development of learning design for your educational or training goals.
Become less dependent on SMEs
With the help of LLMs, we can save up to 50% of the time that SMEs would otherwise spend.
Get optimal outcome
Utilize our instructional designing services for a deep understanding of possible online learning patterns, methods, and media formats including generative AI, helping you choose the most effective approach.

Our process

Learning design

Understanding the learning product and target audience

We get to understand the project subject and desired outcomes and gather all the necessary target audience data.

Establishing metrics for success

We meticulously identify and set the final learning outcomes of the project, ensuring they are clear and measurable and established in concrete, verifiable terms for comprehensive assessment of the potential ROI of e-learning programs.

Building course outline

We define guided/non-guided learning hours and minimum commitment time for learners, determining the variations of the product model e.g. making it career-focused, or academic-focused, adding soft skill components, etc. We then design a course outline (scheme of work) establishing a timeline of learning content which includes lesson number and key focus, mode of instruction, learning objective(s), a brief overview of lesson(s), criteria for student success, and AfL strategy.

Dedicated AI tools support this process.

Reviewing course outline

The finalized course outline undergoes review by SMEs and is also shared with relevant subject specialists for detailed feedback and further enhancements.


Instructional Design

Building individual lesson plans and authoring

Our instructional design agency develops a detailed lesson plan (LP) for every course overview. We incorporate a hook activity for learner engagement (e.g., real-world scenario), a starter task for assessing prior knowledge, an essential question to foster critical thinking, and various learning activities involving ‘learning,’ ‘recall,’ and ‘application’ of the course material. The LP also contains an exit task to evaluate learning progress, extension tasks or home learning activities, and an outline of all required learning materials. Then we create scripts for the designed outline (texts for ILOs, storyboards for videos, reading materials, FAQs, etc.).

Dedicated AI tools support this process.

Second stage review of LPs and scripts with SMEs

Subject Matter Experts review lesson plans and scripts, providing feedback to enhance interactive e-learning content and related activities as necessary. Our instructional design consulting firm boasts a broad network of SMEs, encompassing university departments, professors, and industry leaders in computer science, machine learning, generative AI, electric vehicles, sustainability, health, and business, among others.

Production process of course assets

At this step, we outline all course assets that need to be created and establish a production timeline, collaborating with instructional design experts and production resources (videographers, graphic designers, copywriters, etc.). We meticulously review and refine all multimedia in instructional design to align with branding standards and ensure quality before compiling them into a cohesive course, ready for upload onto the Learning Management System (LMS).



Prototype testing

In this stage, we publish an instructional design project in-house for feedback, conducting a student-oriented soft launch if time is a constraint. Subsequently, we monitor student engagement metrics, gathering insights for iterative improvements and ensuring an optimized e-learning experience.

Continuous improvement 

We continue to review and improve learning design and courses throughout the year as needed and annually.

Using AI in e-learning design to become less dependent on SMEs
The use of Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) in learning design services significantly accelerates content creation, reducing the need for initial human authoring. This technology enables rapid e-learning development while ensuring high-quality output. LLMs efficiently synthesize extensive knowledge, aiding e-learning instructional designers and SMEs in delivering engaging, clear, and accurate educational experiences and scripts. Combined with a human-in-the-loop approach and up-to-date microlearning strategies, LLMs prove invaluable in reshaping the landscape of learning, training, and upskilling, while saving up to 50% of SMEs time.

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