Animated Explainer Video Production Services

An animated explainer video is a visual story that engages audiences and increases interest in your product or service.
Spend minimal time to help potential clients understand the core advantages of your product, how it works, and why they need it right away.
Creative animated explainers are universal videos that convert views into leads and prospects into buyers.

Explainer video animation by Blue Carrot

As an explainer video company, Blue Carrot is trusted by 200+ companies from 30+ countries

Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS)

Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS)

DreamCo Design

DreamCo Design

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Cover THREE sales funnel stages with just ONE explainer video animation

An explainer video is an all-purpose video that can be used at almost any sales funnel stage, including raising product awareness, evoking interest in your service, or building client loyalty. At Blue Carrot explainer video company, we create explainer video animation for any marketing purpose.

Promo videos

Promo videos

E-learning videos

E-learning videos

Corporate videos

Corporate videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos

Onboarding videos

Onboarding videos

Branded videos

Branded videos

At Blue Carrot explainer video company, we create multipurpose animated explainers covering three stages of the sales funnel: awareness, interest, and decision.

How we can help

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Repurpose visuals
  • Support branding


Although an explainer video cost may sometimes seem high, explainer video animation often helps you save big. It’s evergreen content that you can use without changes at several stages of the marketing funnel avoiding additional video production.


Although an explainer video cost may sometimes seem high, explainer video animation often helps you save big. It’s evergreen content that you can use without changes at several stages of the marketing funnel avoiding additional video production.

Comprehensive coverage

An animated explainer is designed to answer key client questions on your product or service. Provide viewers with a comprehensive yet digestible video about your solution and its advantages.

Repurpose visuals

Animation means our production team creates lots of custom graphics. Add these to your website or printed material design to make your product even more recognizable.

Support branding

Blue Carrot explainer video production company is ready to create a unique commercial video that shows your creativity and provides a new spin on your brand image.

Blue Carrot has been producing explainer video animation since 2014, and we’d love to share the potential of this tool with you. 


Our explainer video company team mastered dozens of visual styles and animation techniques to offer you an impactful creative solution that matches your budget.

Where to use:


YouTube channel




Corporate presentation

Exhibition and business events


E-mail marketing

Explainer video pricing and timelines

Average timing:
4 to 8 weeks and 100 to 300 artist hours to produce an animated explainer video of 1 to 3 minutes from scratch
Visual complexity:
The primary factor influencing explainer video creation service timelines and pricing is the animation style. The cheapest artistic technique is whiteboard animation, and one of the most expensive is 3D.
Workflow type — waterfall:
Blue Carrot is a full-cycle explainer video production company. We take care of all tasks related to your video production, from concept development to music recording. Your budget is used effectively due to our well-established production process.

Save clients time by offering video instead of wordy static ads

Creative Explainer Video Animation by Blue Carrot

It is perfect! Thank you!!! It was a pleasure working with the Blue Carrot team.
Erin Kinney
Punahou School

Punahou Connect

Product explainer video

Promote an online platform for Punahou School alumni and motivate alumni to join the community
70-second explainer video that evokes good memories from student times and creates a friendly atmosphere
The video encourages newcomers to sign up for the platform
Read detail
I had a fantastic experience working with Blue Carrot and will be using them for the majority of our company's creative projects going forward.
Neil Stanga
VP of Marketing and Business Development Scratch Financial, Inc


Explainer video

Explain an innovative payment service in an easy-to-understand way.
64 sec explainer video done in a playful style with a pet-friendly feel + 25 sec short version of the video for a social media usage.
86% - average viewer engagement, 34% - play rate, 8.5% - Call To Action clicks.
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Get a multipurpose video explainer to strengthen your sales funnel

Explainer video animation production team

In terms of Blue Carrot’s explainer video production services, the client takes part in all the processes concerning the project. Your goals, ideas, and comments at different stages of animated content production are our compass.
Creative producer
Explainer video producer is a person who understands your marketing goals and requirements and serves as a single touchpoint between you and the team of artists. They organize the work of the team and are responsible for the final result.
Blue Carrot scriptwriters have won international awards, including Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. Their superpower is the ability to quickly get acquainted with any topic, from microbiology to IT, and build a story that perfectly suits a video format.
Storyboard artist
This part of our explainer video animation team creates compositions and sketches of future scenes and puts them in the correct order so that everyone, including you and the rest of the group, can imagine the final product.
These are the artists who create visuals necessary for the further production of animation (character design, locations, objects). Our artists work in different styles and know how to feel your brand.
Our animated explainer video production company needs these specialists to ensure everything discussed with you during script development, storyboarding, and illustration becomes a reality. They truly work magic, turning words and static images into an impactful video!
Sound designer
A custom audio track can increase the expressiveness and meaningfulness of your explainer animation. Our sound designer creates the soundtrack by bringing together music, voiceover, and sound effects.
Voiceover artist
Most of the visual stories are accompanied by voiceovers. As an explainer video studio, Blue Carrot has a broad base of voiceover artists that includes native speakers of different languages, ages, gender, nationality, tonality, and voice modality.

Why Opt for Our Explainer Video Creation Service?

The Blue Carrot explainer video production company has over 7 years of experience in the area. We offer you solutions in line with existing branding and marketing goals and take over the entire animated explainer video production processes.

Video production solutions


Finance & Insurance






Techniques we use



Traditional animation

Cutout animation

Whiteboard videos



Is there any difference between working with explainer video companies from the USA or other regions? Does location actually matter?

Not really. There’s no actual connection between ‘region’ and the ‘quality’ of explainer video services. Here it all comes down to price since outsourced companies normally charge several times lower, compared to their counterparts from USA or Canada, while still delivering results of comparable quality.

As a professional marketing, learning and cartoon video production agency with more than 8 years of experience we worked equally well with clients from UK, Europe, and US, everytime producing excellent (in their own words) results.  

How do I choose the best explainer video production company for my project?

When looking for a professional animated explainer video company it’s important to:
1) check
animated explainer video agency portfolio to find out if their area of expertise corresponds to what you’re looking for;
2) check how transparent team is in their cooperation and communication policies;
3) figure out how team processes client’s input while creating
explanatory videos.

Assessing these three criteria will be enough to get a basic understanding of whether or not you should opt for the particular animated explainer video production services.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a visual story that engages new audiences and helps them understand your product or service, and converts viewers into clients

Classic examples are videos featuring your product or service, videos for crowdfunding platforms, video loops about your company presented on your exhibition stand, etc. Our explainer video company can provide any of these videos.

How can I understand if I need a video explainer or something else?

Video explainers help you achieve various goals you may set for your sales funnel stages. 

— By using short promotional videos, you can raise brand or product awareness within your target audience. 

Corporate promotional videos are often used to strengthen user interest in your services. 

Tutorials and testimonials help users come up with their decision, while branded post-purchase explainers help you gain customer loyalty. 

Explainer videos are truly flexible tools that help you achieve various business goals. Let us know your goal, and we’ll show you what type of video will help you achieve it.

Will I be involved in the production process?

After each delivery phase (on average, we split projects into five production stages), you will take part in revision rounds. You will also get regular updates on our status, as well as join creative sessions.

How should I use an explainer video?

There are tons of options! Use it on your home page or product page to make it more engaging and drive conversion. Post your explainer video on social media, show it to your customers at trade exhibitions, integrate it into your newsletters, or add it to your email signature. 

Here’s a guide for those who want to go viral with their explainer videos.

What video types and formats can I choose from?

We can create any video you can imagine, including explainer videos, commercials, tutorials, amusing branded custom-made cartoons, and personalized animation. See the complete list on our main page

We produce videos for any platform, any screen ratio, and of any file extension or resolution. All you need is to add this requirement to your task or ask for our suggestion.

What do you need to start working on a project?

Just answer our questionnaire on your marketing goals, target audience, commercial or social messages you’d like to communicate with your audience, and a few other preferences. 

Then, we’ll come up with a perfect offer and some ideas for you. If you have thoughts and ideas about the storyline or style, share them with us!

What if I don’t like the result of your work?

To ensure that the final explainer video animation meets your expectations, we ask you for feedback on every stage of the future video development, including its concept, script storyboard, illustration, voice-over, and completed video. 

This method enables you to maintain control of the final result and allows us to ensure it meets your expectations.

Can you work with my script?

Yes! Please, share it with us. We are also ready to polish your script using our expertise and experience. Explainer video costs might be lower for you if you have a ready-to-use professional script.

How many words does a minute of a video contain?

It depends on the language you choose. Typically, one minute contains up to 140 to 150 English words.

Let your message turn into a story

Leave us a request and get a personalized offer based on your project description

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