Creating custom courses with Rise and Storyline for organizations of all scales

We produce engaging e-learning programs that align perfectly with unique educational objectives and desired outcomes.

it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners

Your professional partner for end-to-end Rise & Storyline course development services

Our team manages all aspects of content creation using the most popular e-learning authoring tools, delivering clients a worry-free production experience and seamless e-learning solutions


Streamline production

Access proficient technical expertise in Articulate Storyline for seamless production including LMS integrations and the performance of multi-level QA.

Retain consistency

Maintain consistency across various courses and modules when scaling your projects with our e-learning development services.

Meet educational standards

Get all the content aligned with the up-to-date instructional design principles and learning objectives of your company.

Master your branding

Ensure courses accurately reflect your company’s branding and stylistic guidelines. Acquire a beautiful style that corresponds to your brand vision and perfectly aligns with its technical criteria set.

Our process

Discovery phase

We conduct an initial briefing with a client and develop a technical specification document that includes all the technical and functional requirements of the course. This document serves as a guideline for the development team, ensures alignment with the client’s expectations, and helps to estimate the scope of course creation services with Rise 360 and Storyline. We can also develop a prototype — a sample of the course to assess general vision and test initial concepts or ideas.

Learning design

When requested by a client, our Storyline & Rise course development company proceeds to create interactive e-learning modules and comprehensive curricula and put together instructional materials and other activities to achieve specific learning outcomes.

Visual design

We produce all visual elements like layout, color schemes, and graphics, ensuring complete alignment with the organization’s branding strategy or the aesthetic of its target audience. When working with Articulate Storyline for e-learning, we also develop interactive components for the course such as quizzes, drag-and-drop activities, clickable hotspots, etc.

Course production

Using an Articulate Storyline & Rise for e-learning our e-learning company proceeds to build the course adding components produced earlier. We integrate videos, audio, animations, and images. Where necessary we add interactive components. We also add textual content and make sure it perfectly aligns with the visual component. We record or integrate voiceovers and add background music or sound effects.

Testing and review

After e-learning course creation using Articulate Storyline & Rise, we conduct thorough functionality testing, verifying the proper operation of interactions and navigational elements. Our review encompasses a meticulous check for quality issues such as typos, content alignment with e-learning course design principles and company learning objectives, and visual consistency. Feedback is gathered from stakeholders or a test audience, and any necessary adjustments are incorporated into the final course.

Packaging and publishing

We format the course in SCORM, xAPI (Tin Can), or AICC, depending on the specific LMS requirements. Feedback from learners is collected to evaluate course effectiveness, while data on learner performance and engagement get analyzed as well. If required, we provide e-learning localization services too. We also conduct regular updates of the course content, address technical issues, or incorporate necessary content changes to ensure it stays relevant to the audience.


Upon the client’s request, we provide course material localization services. With a broad network of professional linguists, we can effectively adapt intricate information and the most complex concepts into a multitude of languages. This also extends to the localization of diverse assets, including graphs, slides, and other media components.

Project management and team

At Blue Carrot we appoint a dedicated Delivery Manager and Project Manager to supervise e-learning content creation, testing, delivery, and implementation of the project. A comprehensive dashboard with transparent timelines for Articulate Storyline development for e-learning, weekly updates, and risk identification will be provided as well. By using efficient project management tools, our team ensures prompt communication and takes all the necessary measures to prevent any potential delays and design outstanding courses.

Delivery Managers
Project Managers
Graphic Designers
Storyline Developers
Motion Designers
QA Specialists
Linguists (QA)
Why Articulate?
Articulate offers a diverse range of tools designed for custom e-learning development. It is known for its versatility in creating scenario-based e-learning modules and is also widely used for localization purposes. The interactive e-learning courses development with Rise and Storyline requires specialized knowledge to fully utilize Articulate Storyline features and capabilities. With deep expertise in Articulate, our team not only produces technically polished interactive courses but also helps you understand how to achieve your educational goals.

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e-learning course?

Our team has experience working with various project complexities and sizes anywhere from few videos to producing 40+ courses (10 000+ video minutes and 6 000 interactive pages) within ~3 months

Case studies

Everyone in the company stands out for their professionalism, creativity, willingness to troubleshoot, and communication. We couldn't hope for a better collaboration partner.
Amaya Cervino
University of Southern California
Working with you and your team was an absolute pleasure. Not only did you work with my tight deadline, but went far beyond my expectations.
Saskia Boogman
External Content Manager, Kampgrounds of America, Inc.
Quality, on-point-delivery and a very personal customer service made this project very smooth. This gives creativity the needed space to organically unfold.
Max Hemmo
Executive Producer at LerNetz AG
We got the 5-star product that we expected. Blue Carrot is a reliable vendor and I would highly recommend them for creating online courses.
Anna Tsytsak
GBH Programme Assistant at UNFPA
The team at Blue Carrot is very responsive to suggestions, but also takes creative initiative in order to get the job done without a lot of guidance.
Daniel G.
CEO and Creative Director at Digital Learning Studio

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