Animated Explainer Video Guide | Free E-book

Explainer videos are a superior tool used to boost marketing metrics however, their production might turn into a nightmare for those who are new to it. Increase the efficiency of video marketing and production for your brand with this free guide for marketers and brand managers. You get access to this guide to explainer video FREE.

Why you should read this explainer video E-book

  • Choose explainer video types that boost conversions at various stages of the sales funnel.
  • Plan your video marketing strategy with realistic timelines and budgets in mind.
  • In this explainer video free book, find tips on how to reduce video production budget without compromising quality and choose a style that appeals to your audience.
  • Use this guide to explainer videos to take your online and offline customer experience to another evolutionary level. Overcome competitors by integrating explainer animation into your communication in 2021!

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What will you find in this explainer video free book?

The Blue Carrot animation production studio created an explainer video free book to share their knowledge and observation that they’ve been collecting since 2014.

  • All types and styles of explainer videos explained. Learn about marketing objectives, typical lengths, and production budgets.

  • This explainer video free book includes tips and production checklists that improve working with animation studios or creating marketing videos by yourself. 

  • Find everything you need to know about the video production process in the explainer video free book.

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