Creative March Giveaway

Mar, 14, 2019
Senior Account Executive

Hi guys!

The spring brings a lot of inspiration and our studio is turning 5 years old this season. So we decided to reward you for being our friend and launch a Creative March Giveaway. We will select 5 companies and create free of charge video concepts for 5-15 sec advertisement videos.

What you will get?

Video Concept – is a fundamental part of a marketing video. It consists of the creative idea, designed storyboard and narration references. Besides video production, creative ideas from video concepts are widely used in other marketing activities.

Concept creation will involve sufficient time for our creatives and artists to 1) discuss the marketing strategy; 2) create out-of-the-box ideas and 3) design a presentation (which will include the designed shots of the video). And all this is free of charge and without any obligations to produce the videos. Moreover, you will be able to use our ideas for your other marketing activities.

Apply by clicking “START A PROJECT” button below and giving answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the product/service that you want to promote?
  2. What marketing activities are you performing for them?
  3. What’s your motivation for participating?



In case some of you decide to create a video based on our concept, Blue Carrot will choose one of the projects and will contribute a sufficient amount of money into it (as a co-investment). As a result, the chosen client will receive a top-notch video and we will get a brilliant portfolio asset.

Note, we will choose only one applicant among the all interested in video production.

Looking forward to getting your applications. The submission closes on 22nd March, 11 pm CET. The winners will be announced on 27th March.

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