Clutch Names Blue Carrot a Top Company in Ukraine

Jun, 17, 2021
Senior Account Executive

At Blue Carrot, we help our clients deliver their message through creative storytelling and video marketing/learning solutions. We’re a Lviv-based video production agency that focuses on explainer, promo, commercial, corporate, e-learning, and cartoon videos.

Using various visual and animation styles, we blend passion, humor, and purpose with the latest technologies. Since 2014, we’ve worked with over 200 businesses of all sizes from more than 30 countries all around the world.

We are thrilled to announce that Clutch has recognized our hard work and named us a top 2D animation company in Ukraine!

Clutch is a world-known digital platform with a headquarter in Washington, DC. It is designed to help small, mid-sized, and enterprise-level businesses in their search for reliable partners. The idea behind Clutch is to enable companies to identify and find service providers to execute various tasks, including those related to marketing, design, and video production.

The platform has a skilled team of analysts that interview companies offering their services for businesses and collect their client feedback. In addition, they regularly analyze data concerning trends in specific industries and study competitors of the particular business fields to let companies get complete information about their potential partners and pick one that matches their needs more.

Our entire team is very proud to be listed among the best video production companies. This has been the product of years of hard work and dedication. We share the distinction with our clients, who allow us to do what we do best.

“Clutch’s recognition is always important for our team since they are based on unbiased client reviews conducted by a third-party analyst.” – Tim Aleksandronets, CEO, Blue Carrot

Check our profile on Clutch to see what our clients have to say about our work. We currently hold a perfect 5-star rating from 18 current and former clients.

Do you have a message to tell your audience? Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can help turn your message into a story.

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