Airtower Networks— 2D Explainer Video Case Study


Goal: to present the client’s solutions for wireless building maintenance

Client: Airtower Networks

Genre: explainer video series

Style: 2D animation 

Duration: a series of videos up to 60 seconds

animated city buildings

health care specialist is sitting in a mask and using monitor

animated rescue team provide first aid

A brand video and 3 product shorts. Why is this campaign based on a series?

Airtower Networks is a wireless connectivity provider focused on cutting-edge solutions for healthcare institutions, offices, and multifamily residential buildings. The company designs, builds, and maintains end-to-end connectivity services that improve the lives and businesses of its customers. Due to the innovative nature of Airtower Networks’ product, its promotional campaigns always include explanatory elements that demonstrate how customers will benefit from opting for wireless connectivity services.

The series consists of a general brand video that introduces viewers to seamless and wireless connectivity for their buildings. The three product-focused videos explain how Airtower Networks can improve healthcare services, work in the office, and the quality of life for those living in apartment buildings. Solution-specific explainer videos are suitable for the interest stage of the client’s sales funnel, while the general one works well for brand awareness activities.

animated people on a meeting are discussing something

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Visual storytelling for Airtower Networks: Traveling inside buildings and equipment

👉 The short explainer videos were developed by Blue Carrot under the guidance of producer/editor/director T.J. Misny, who provided us with all the necessary materials (such as visual storyboard + art style + script). These videos were designed to attract customer attention to wireless connectivity and motivate them to seek more information about Airtower Networks. To achieve this effect, each video was turned into a brief guided tour inside healthcare, office, and residential buildings to show the most popular product use cases. In addition, product explainers include video quotes from interviews with the company’s experts to make statements shared through the video more trustworthy and convincing.

Another peculiar element of the series is our blend of animation techniques. Each video looks like 2D graphics; however, some objects featured in the scenes are in 3D. The classic animation style was used to make the episodes minimalistic and clear and not overwhelm viewers with details. Instead, reliability, flexibility, and the high-security level of Airtower Networks’ solutions are statements we accentuate with visuals.

wireless provider employee fixes problem with cable network


  • Client: Airtower Networks
  • Writer / Director / Producer / Editor: T.J. Misny
  • Art Producer: Yana Martynova
  • Storyboard and Visual Concept: Modik Studio
  • Illustrations / Animation: Blue Carrot Studio
  • Illustrations: Dmitry Novitsky
  • 3D modelling / Texturing: Bogdan Danshin
  • Animation: Matvii Tsymbal, Dmytro Kovalyov
  • Voice Narrator: Carolina Santos Read
  • VFX Supervisor: Milton Francisco 


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