Onfo – Revolution Promo Video Case Study


An explainer video is a universal video that can be used at almost any sales funnel stage to raise product awareness, evoke interest in your service, or build client loyalty. At Blue Carrot, we create explainer video animation for any business purpose.

ONFO is a universal app-based cryptocurrency that has the potential to become a global mechanism of exchange. We created an explainer video to educate viewers about ONFO and the benefits of the app-based crypto.

👉 In just three days, the video received 100K views organically on Facebook!

“We love what you guys did. People are talking. We are getting a good reputation with this. As far as I am concerned, Blue Carrot hit this ball into the parking lot.”

– J.R. Forsyth,
Founder at ONFO.

We know how to make cartoon videos that are fun, tell your story, and catch your target audience’s attention. With 7 years of experience, we can help you realize any idea, make our price fit your budget, and come up with great results. Take a look at our services and promotional video production case study.

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