Reconnect — Promo Video Case Study


Goal: to let Montgomery County (Maryland) residents rediscover their region by attending local events, sights, and commercial places after the COVID-19 restrictions were eased in 2021

Client: Salta With Us advertising agency representing Connect Montgomery, an alliance of public, education, and community cable TV stations focused on broadcasting local news to the region’s residents 

Genre: promo & inspiration video 

Style: motion graphics 

Duration: 54 seconds

Distribution channels: Connect Montgomery’s website and social media, and some offline events 

The Reconnect Campaign by Connect Montgomery: Task overview 

In 2021, Blue Carrot was commissioned by Salta With Us to create a short energetic video for the Reconnect Campaign. The initiative includes a series of online contests for Montgomery County residents encouraging them to spend more time exploring the region offline. A landing page with the campaign details, as well as promo campaigns on TV and social media, required a powerful promo video.

The key promo video message was to invite people from Montgomery County to reconnect with each other by visiting local sights and sharing photos and videos from there online. In the long run, the Reconnect Campaign was aimed at helping local businesses get more customers and recover after the pandemic-caused lockout

The video had to fit into existing Connect Montgomery style guidelines, feature the Reconnect Campaign visual identity, and messages offered by Salta With Us agency. On top of that, it should be brief, clear, and optimistic.

The Blue Carrot’s solution for Connect Montgomery

It was almost impossible to describe the Reconnect Campaign in detail with a single short video — the initiative includes plenty of events and contests. Instead, our clients decided to fill it with positive vibes, limiting ourselves to only hinting at the community-related opportunities Montgomery County residents could soon enjoy. 

The video by Blue Carrot features abstract motion graphics in line with the overall campaign style and contains no voiceover. However, it still leverages storytelling, which became possible due to the combination of words on the screen, thoughtful sound design, and dynamics that we added to the abstract elements of the client’s identity — our clients defined the concept and key visuals. In turn, our team worked out the animation and soundtrack. 

A project manager, a sound designer, and an animator were involved in the project from Blue Carrot’s side. Connect Montgomery was very satisfied with their communication with Blue Carrot and the final results.

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