KOA – Branded Video Case Study


Goal: Strengthen the sense of community around the KOA brand as a whole by creating a funny video for April Fools’ Day.

Solution: We created a 73-second humorous and lighthearted video in a 3D low poly style introducing KOA’s (mock) new product releasing on April Fools’ Day—the Campsite in a Box.

Results: This short video that introduces the box and its content was posted to KOA’s social channels. The items in the Campsite in a Box initially seem plausible, but move toward the unbelievable—making the joke more obvious. Just within the first week, the video garnered 49,000 views with an extremely positive 13% engagement rate.

You’d be a fool not to order this 😅


We went to KOA’s Facebook page to check the numbers:) Take a look at what we found!

Looking through recent video posts, you’ll see that our video has 3.5 times more views than other posts usually have.

People watch it, love it, smile about it, and are engaged by it. Mission accomplished!

For more information about our 3d animation studio, follow the link.

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