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Jan, 18, 2018
Senior Account Executive

3D Animation Production: Spheres of Usage, Types of Video and Why You Need It

3D animation video is widely used in various fields. It’s not just about making fantasy movies or video games. Today, this is a full-scale opportunity to promote your business presenting your idea to investors or clients. Sometimes the use of 3D animation is the only way to visualize an idea. 3D product animation gives marketers much more opportunities to show the benefits of products than any other way.

Main Business Spheres Where 3D Animation Will be 100% Useful

  • Architecture. Often, construction companies sell houses and apartments until their final readiness.  3D presentations are the only way to show the final result, which has not yet been created. The 3D animation production house is almost tangible: unlike dry figures and drawings, it will undoubtedly cause emotions. Investors are much more willing to give money for projects that they can actually see even before their implementation.
  • Engineering and industry. Hidden engineering systems, miniature mechanisms, and huge machines look equally good when presented with 3d computer animation.

3D animation we created for Orca Helix

  • Brands for kids. 3D cartoons bring us back to the carefree world of childhood, and this is at the same time the best way to convey value to the audience when promoting a child’s brand. This is exactly the way to “speak the same language” with the audience.  
  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals. Custom 3d animation is used in biotechnology, for a demonstration of internal organs, the action of medical preparations and complex operations. For example, it is impossible to reproduce the process of how a disease blocks blood flow to the heart and causes a heart attack. The 3D video provides visibility without surgical intervention and allows you to show those processes that can not be captured live.

Types of Video with 3D Animation

  • Digital 3D is computer-generated imagery used in the movie-making industry.
  • Stop-motion is created with a frame-by-frame technique when the animation is made of several photos of the images.
  • Virtual Reality 3D is rather a new field to implement the technology.
  • Cel-Shaded Animation is a technique to make a 3-dimensional object look flat.  For example, it is used in Japanese anime.
  • Typography is a 3D text animation. Letters flavored with special effects act as protagonists.

How Do We Make 3D Animation

Pre-production process:

  1. The first step is to determine the target audience and the tasks that the video should perform (the sale of goods, an image video, a motivating video for employees, etc.)
  2. The screenwriter develops the idea of the video and describes in detail the future 3D-animation.
  3. We develop the plot according to the script and make a storyboard.

Production process:

  1. Character Creation. At this stage, we develop a character according to the goals of the video.
  2. Modeling. Here the 3d technology will be implemented.
  3. Texturing. At this step, we add texture to objects and characters.
  4. Rigging is a way to make all the movements of a character natural.
  5. Animating is the main stage when all the characters come to life.
  6. Lighting. We add light effects to create a realistic look.
  7. Rendering. This is the final stage of turning the 3D model into a photo-realistic image.

At the post-production stage we:

  1. select the musical accompaniment and do the voice acting.
  2. add Text/Graphics Overlay
  3. make a Final Rendering and Product Delivery

Why Hire Blue Carrot Team and the Cost of 3D Animation

3D-animation is a modern direction of animation that allows you to create three-dimensional spatial models and scenes with a high degree of realism. 3D animation cost can be specified individually but it is a decent investment in any case. Hiring our 3D animation studio, you can be sure that we will make everything possible to offer you the best option without inefficient inflation of your budget.

Ask us for a free consultation now in order not to miss the opportunity to promote your project with 3D animation!


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