One Of The Top U.S. Universities – E-learning Video Case Study


Since the online course had a strict deadline to be published on the Coursera website, we had to deal with resource optimization and production units coordination in the most effective way in order to deliver 200+ minutes of animation overlays, together with prepared visuals from the illustrator and live-shoot team. 


Thanks to the teamwork with our partners and the University, we delivered the project on time. The University successfully aired it on its internal platform and on Coursera on time.


Thanks to the teamwork of our partners and the university, we delivered the project on time. The university successfully aired it on its internal platform and on Coursera by the deadline.


Helping the e-learning company to create online video courses for one of the top U.S. universities.

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The project goal was to design and create the online version of the University’s degree-course Innovations in Healthcare or Healthcare Ecosystem Development. Our role was to enrich the live-shoot videos with animated overlays in order to make the course more understandable for students.

The solution:

Meeting the client’s expectations is a core value for Blue Carrot. With that said, we set up an ambitious goal to produce the video course within one month to make sure we had enough time for revisions and eventually making work great. This meant the daily production of around 10 minutes, including the story outlined and illustrations developed, then animated, rendered-out, and transferred in Full HD quality with 4k rushes included. 

The main challenge was that one animation team (illustrator and animator) is capable of producing no more than 2-3 minutes per day. So, we reinforced the number of artists and motion designers on the project. Choosing a dedicated production manager as the main contact point has proven a good strategy on all projects at Blue Carrot, so this was the way we proceeded with the University. As usual, the client contacts one producer to keep communication straightforward and simple. Still, the enlarged team required additional control.

To ensure all animations were consistent, despite being produced by different people, we added an art director to the team. This person brought additional superpower supervision, providing an orderly look, and feel to every project. Working closely with illustrators and animators, and art director ensured the quality of the video met the style best practices, while the producer kept a keen eye on the client’s requirements.

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The final step of project delivery was a revision from the professor who led the course. It was incredibly important to make this person comfortable since he did not work with video production on a daily basis. Needless to say, we went above and beyond to build a robust, structured revisions and file management process for this huge, multi-hour project. With the help of professional video review software, we created the most effective way of collaboration.

“Thanks! I am happy! I can’t thank you enough for the fast delivery!”

– Project Manager on the client’s side

“It was a thrilling project working with a big team of professionals, and the fact that we’re producing a learning project to help thousands of students is especially inspiring. We did everything possible to make it in time and satisfy the client’s expectations”. 

– Svitlana R.,
Creative Producer at Blue Carrot

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