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USA University
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USA University

Higher Education
Lernetz AG
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Lernetz AG

Corporate Education
International Republican Institute
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International Republican Institute

Higher Education
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Corporate Education
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Black Gazelle
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Black Gazelle

Corporate Education

Producing video content isn’t easy. Most e-learning video productions fall behind the schedule. Why? For a majority of e-elearning designers, juggling in-house and freelance video production teams that work on several projects at a time becomes overwhelming.

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e-learning businesses whose clients include the world’s most famous universities and corporations.

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Why Do E-Learning Companies prefer To Work With Us

Additional production capacity on-demand - dozens and thousands of video minutes in weeks and months.
Video quality is on target. We are able to match visual styles and maintain consistency through an entire course or series of courses. E-learning graphics are generally simple, yet our art direction makes them appealing.
When there are uncertainties and delays from their clients, we go the extra mile to meet the deadline.
Thorough Quality Assurance processes decrease unnecessary and time-consuming revisions.

What we do?

We share our experience in e-learning video production and produce videos. We will:

  1. Analyze your educational goals and match them with a video design
  2. Help you build a realistic timeline, estimate a budget, and evaluate all risks for video production, enabling you to establish correct expectations with the client
  3. Produce videos: create video branding packages, provide editing or produce animated videos at scale

We deliver video production AND the confidence that your e-learning video projects will achieve your goals. Let’s have a virtual coffee to discuss how!

Testimonials & Cases

The guys were always creative and client-oriented, but that doesn’t mean that they always agreed with us to the detriment of the product. Even when we were tired and were ready to finally finish it, Blue Carrot had enough strength and inspiration to improve their work.
Anna C.,
PM at International Republican Institute


Higher Education

Create educational videos for an E-learning course on the democratic society development
50+ minutes of original video content
The IRI video course was launched on time and received positive feedback from education experts and students.
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Quality, on-point delivery, and personal customer service made this project very smooth. Blue Carrot’s capabilities to scale up the whole process are truly great. This gives creativity the needed space to unfold organically. Great job!
Max Hemmo
Executive Producer at LerNetz AG

Sales video course
for Lernetz

Corporate Education

Create an animated online course about sales techniques
35-minute custom 2D animation in German, French, and Italian
Positive feedback from employees
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What about the details?

Data Management:

Our robust, structured revisions and file management are fundamental for big, multi-hour projects.


We create instructional videos in different languages, from Chinese to Arabic. Working with native speakers and translators.

We work with

more than 200 clients around the globe, from world-famous NGO’s to Fortune 500 companies. We’ve successfully overcome the challenges of working in multiple time zones and facilitating English communication.


We tap into numberless visual and animation styles. The result is a look that uniquely embodies brands and powerfully impacts viewers

Some industries we cover


Finance & Insurance





Higher Education

Techniques we use

Flat 2D animation

3D animation

Traditional animation

Cutout animation

Whiteboard videos


Live action

Popular questions

What type of animated videos for E-learning do I need?

E-learning videos can be anything. It all depends on your requirements and vision. However, if this is your first time thinking about videos for your E-learning project, a list of the most common formats will come in handy.

2D animated videos

These videos can be created from scratch or template-based (you mostly customize animation, not illustration), which is much cheaper.    The advantage of 2D animation is that you can embody a complex educational topic and don’t need to invest in expensive 3D models of characters and other objects, as is the case with 3D. You also save your resources by eliminating the need for the shooting required for expert video shooting. Also, you can increase your engagement rate by mixing 2D animation with other types of videos.

3D animation

This artistic technique is well-suited for showcasing realistic concepts and demonstrating processes that occur with 3D objects. For example, it can model biological three-dimensional phenomenons and show how the construction of a house takes place in stages. Most likely, this technique will be the most expensive.

Talking head live shooting

This is the most common E-learning video format and is also easy and inexpensive to produce on a large scale. To create such videos, you need an expert (like a university professor) who is ready to explain something in front of the camera.  Variations of such a video are:

  • Shoot in a special E-learning studio or another location (like a study room or enterprise etc.)
  • Asking your expert to shoot a video by themselves (with a web camera or a special recording kit)
  • Add slides from your expert’s presentation to your educational video.

The weak point of live video is its localization.

Talking head live shooting plus animation overlay

You can leverage live shooting videos with the objects your expert is speaking about, as well as motion graphics and animation featuring those objects or explaining them. In this case, the video will cost more. Sometimes, to make animated videos for E-learning cheaper, one can buy ready-made videos to integrate them into your educational video (for example, stock videos). 

Screencast of presentation or interface

This is an inexpensive way to educate your customers or students. All the user sees on the screen is your interface.  

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