ecosio — 2D Explainer Video Case Study


Goal: to explain the ecosio’s product (EDI as a service) and give potential customers reasons to opt for it 

Client: ecosio, a tech company focused on tailored electronic data interchange solutions for businesses 

Genre: explainer video

Style: 2D motion graphics with high-tech glace  

Duration: 84 seconds

Explaining “invisible” for B2B customers. The idea behind the video for ecosio

The quicker your business processes communication between contractors such as customers, suppliers, or tech providers, the greater the potential for higher customer retention and new sales. However, maintaining your electronic data interchange may become a nightmare for those who prefer to focus on their products and customers, with less expertise in establishing proper EDI. 

The exciting prospect is that any company could save its in-house team’s resources and avoid painful tech failures by choosing ecosio — a one-stop EDI service provider. The all-in-one solution offered by ecosio includes a well-designed EDI network and the software to use it, plus first-class service for effortless maintenance. As a result, ecosio clients save corporate time, resources, and budget, and avoid the risks and errors associated with typical self-built EDI systems. 

Blue Carrot was contracted by ecosio to create an explainer video to highlight how effective and invisible their EDI product is as a business solution. In the video, EDI as a service advantage had to be presented to potential customers in a professional but light-hearted manner, emphasizing ecosio’s innovativeness and reliability. 

Key video elements to notice 

The video explainer for ecosio is part of a new marketing campaign. The content is used at several sales funnel stages, including the Awareness and Decision ones. Social media, YouTube, and the ecosio’s website are all sites where clients can watch the video and contact managers for more information.    

The video follows the company’s brand book (fonts, palette, and TOV) and integrates well on its website page. In addition, it leverages characters and symbols to visualize the positive impact of ecosio’s EDI integration on one’s business. 

The “high-tech” vibe of the 2D illustration style is another characteristic of the video. The main goal of which is to present ecosio as an innovative company that speaks the client’s language and will not overload them with technical details—just deliver an effective tech-and-support solution. The target audience includes retail, automotive, and engineering representatives.       

The video for ecosio took Blue Carrot approximately 8 work weeks. The Blue Carrot team handled the full scope of tasks related to its production — scripting, storyboarding, style development, and editing—plus work on illustrations, animation, and SFX. The voiceover, though, was provided by ecosio. 

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