How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Sales Funnel

Mar, 09, 2021
Tim Aleksandronets
CEO at Blue Carrot

What Types of Videos to Use on Each Stage of Video Marketing Funnel?

In 2021, creating a video marketing funnel is included in the marketing task lists of most companies. Videos help you to capture the target audience’s attention and convince them to buy as well as make any of your messages memorable. The video marketing approach enhances your existing sales funnel with top-notch videos of the right type to help you reach your marketing goals.

In this article, the Blue Carrot team will explain the key stages of the video marketing funnel and give you tips on what videos to use at each of these stages to increase their conversions. You’ll also find out what’s the difference between a standard targeted funnel and a video marketing one.


1. What is a video marketing funnel?
2. How to create a video funnel
3. 3 Key Stages of the Video Marketing Funnel

4. Our Experience in Creating Funnel Video Content
5. Final Thoughts 

What is a Video Marketing Funnel

Video marketing sales funnels are a powerful tool in achieving your business goals quicker. In this article, we’ll use the term video marketing funnel to describe the marketing automation strategy in which videos play a major role. 

👉 A sales funnel helps you turn prospects into leads and leads into real sales.

So how does the video marketing funnel work? Let’s review the general idea of the sales funnel. The goal of any sales funnel is to sell your product to as many people as possible. A user’s purchase decision consists of several stages. At each stage, the user has their doubts, needs, and fears, which you need to address for the user to go to the next stage of the sales funnel and convert to a customer.


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How to Create a Video Funnel 

While your products or services may be different, their sales funnels look pretty much the same. The reason for this is that all customers pass similar stages while making their buying decisions including awareness, consideration, decision, and retention. 

The sales funnel is a part of your marketing strategy, and to define your strategy and create funnel video content, it is necessary to understand your target audience. The characteristics of the target audience can include:

If your company has a long history,  you most likely already have a good idea of ​​what your target audience looks like. However, we recommend that you update this description regularly and constantly look for new insights.

When the target audience description is ready, it’s time to move on to the video sales funnel stages. Typically, a sales funnel has three to four stages:

✅ Awareness Stage

Your potential audience doesn’t know anything about you yet. Your task is to let these people know that you are a reliable company offering a good solution for their needs.

✅ Consideration Stage

Your potential customers are familiar with your brand and product but are not yet sure if your offer works well for them. Your task is to provide them with explainer content to convince them that your product meets their needs or let them explore needs they were not yet aware of.

✅ Decision Stage

Your target audience is thinking of buying a specific product from you. These people are one step away from a purchase decision and are looking for reasons to trust you. Your task is to provide social proof, demonstrate that your product works the way your client needs, remove objections and push them to buy here and now.

✅ Retention Stage(the advanced type of video sales funnels)

People have already purchased a product. Your task now is to turn them into your brand ambassadors or encourage them to buy again by giving them attention and care.

Your marketing goal might be to increase conversions between stages so client acquisition becomes cheaper and you could attract more users to buy your product. At each stage of the funnel, you can use a specific type of animated or live content. This is how you create the video funnel. 


3 Key Stages of the Video Marketing Funnel

As you can see, there may be from 3 to 4 stages in your sales funnel. Here, we’ll provide tips on how to choose videos for each of stageand identify which videos to use at the top (awareness), middle (consideration), and bottom (decision and retention) stages. 

Keep in mind, sometimes the  ‘border’ between awareness and consideration, as well as consideration and decisions, can be blurred. This means you can use certain videos at two or more stages of your targeted funnel.   

🔷 Top Stage: Raising Awareness


  • Intent of Your Videos — capture users’ attention and evoke their curiosity.
  • Result — drive users get to know your brand or product, have positive impressions about them, follow you on social networks, or go to your website. 
  • Platforms to Post Videos — targeted ads on social media and other third-party platforms where your target audience spends time.
  • Good Results — 10% of viewers reach another stage (for SaaS products).

Both types of video sales funnels described above contain the top stage. This is the stage of your targeted funnel where users only get to know your brand or a specific product. They are likely to be aware that they have a problem that your products solve. But they are also likely to not know details of how your product or service does that.

At this stage, you need to intrigue users with your solution, leave a warm impression, and educate them about specific issues and the consequences of not resolving them.

Your top stage videos should contain your brand and product names, as well as a call to the targeted action that you need at this stage. This could be to follow your Facebook page, visit your website or brick-and-mortar store, or call your manager.

 Promo Videos

Short promo videos feature the advantages of your products or strengths of your company and contain a clear call to action. 

Capturing Branded Videos

These videos are designed to generate user’s sympathy, certain emotions, or respect. You offer users an engaging story that is not directly connected to your brand or product and mention your company as theauthor of an idea or its production partner. 

Educational Videos

The main thing you need to know about these videos is that they should be useful. Use your deep industry knowledge and your work experience to share exclusive tips and tricks that will make users’ lives better. Teach people something they’ve always wanted to learn with an easy-to-understand video and catchy text describing the steps they need to take. 

 Pain Point Product Videos

Present your product through the lens of the issues your target audiences often face. Show users how their lives will improve after buying your product. 

🔷 Middle Stage: Getting Closer


  • Intent of Your Videos — provide users with useful information about how to resolve their issues or show how the product actually works. 
  • Result — your target audience understands what kind of value they can get out of your product or service and how do you differ from your competitors. They have all the necessary information to make a decision. Users want to get in touch with you.
  • Platforms to Post Videos — your social media pages, blog, website homepage.
  • Good Results (for SaaS product) — 10% of viewers reach another stage.

If you’ve already wondered how to create a video sales funnel, the first video ideas that came to your mind were most likely related to this sales funnel stage. At this stage, users are already familiar with your brand and perhaps even some of your products. These people are interested in getting more information from you.

Depending on which videos you used at the previous stage of your sales funnel, your potential customers may come to your social media page or website for the next helpful video releases or for more detailed information about your products. Your task is to continue to intrigue them, surprise them, and help them learn more.

Remember, at this stage, it’s important that your video guides users to the next stage of the sales funnel – buying your product. Therefore, focus on your product features instead of your brand.

✅ Explainer Videos Concerning the Product Itself

Explainer videos are short engaging videos that make a certain subject clear to your audience. You can explain how to solve a problem that your potential customers often face or explain to users how your innovative product works.

✅ Insightful Product Videos 

Your content plan shouldn’t consist solely of videos featuring your products or services. Carefully integrate your products into your mid-stage videos, guided by whether your product information will be useful to your audience. Videos of this kind may contain product insights that can add value to them for those choosing between several similar products. 

✅ Case Study Product Videos

Case study videos are complex and showcase your product from multiple angles. These are exampless of how your company solved a specific customer problem. Your company employees, guest experts, and customers appear in such videos.

🔷 Bottom Stage: Selling Products


  • Intent of Your Videos — motivate users to buy as soon as possible and provide them with evidence that your product or service works as you described. 
  • Result — product purchase and (advanced level) users leaving reviews.  
  • Platforms to Post Videos — your website, category, and product pages. 
  • Good Results (for SaaS products) — 20% of viewers buy your product.   

The hardest part is over. You’ve introduced your brand and products to your target audience. Moreover, users believe that your product or service solves their problem better than your competitors’ and they need to verify that they can trust you. What you need to do is provide them with social proof (like a testimonial) and product demo/trial, etc.

At the bottom of your sales funnel with tailored videos, there are videos that remove the remaining objections and let users buy now. We recommend that you look at your target audience’s list of fears, needs, and objections to determine what to focus on in your final videos.

✅ Demo Videos with Tips and Tricks 

As we found out, similar or even the same explainer videos can be used at different sales funnel stages. To create a content plan based solely on tips and tricks videos, you will need a list of your target audience’s problems, needs, and fears. Short, simple, and straightforward videos in which you clearly answer a practical question from your subscribers are the best choice. Use more infographics.

✅ How-To Videosand Tutorial videos

Show your potential customers how your product works while instructing your existing customers. Help your clients make their user experience better, easier, and more enjoyable. 

✅ Product-focused Video Content (Webinars and Demo Product Videos

Users who reach this stage want to know more about your products and perhaps purchase them. Create a video detailing how your product and/or service works. A webinar is an interactive video format that allows viewers to ask questions and get the information they need. A demo video is a video that shows what awaits the user who buys the product.

✅ Testimonial Video and Product Reviews

Testimonial videos show real customers who share their experiences and honestly describe the strengths and weaknesses of your solution. The advantage of such content is that your audience is more likely to trust reviews from people like them.

✅ Traditional Corporate Videos

Classic corporate videos are stories about your company, its vision and values. Use this type of video to generate sympathy and build trustworthy relationships with prospective customers. As usual, users look to corporate videos for extra proof that you are a reliable partner. 

✅ Lifestyle Corporate  Videos

To generate sympathy for your brand, you can show users how much you and your users have in common. Try to get your audience interested in the events of your daily life, the little joys, and the difficulties that you face. Such content type is widely used for recruiting purposes (strengthening HR brand) as well as for building trust towards the company as a whole.  


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Our Experience Creating Funnel Video Content

Blue Carrot is a full-cycle video production studio focused on animation for commercial use. Since 2014, we’ve been creating advertising and educational videos to help our clients achieve superior business results and reach their marketing goals. We are trusted by over 200 companies from 30 countries. 

In our portfolio, you can find short films for every stage of video production sales funnels. Check out our favorite case studies concerning producing a video sales funnel below! 


Sales Funnel Stage — top and middle
Video Type — explainer  

Scratchpay is a service that allows you to comfortably pay vet bills even if you don’t have enough money in your bank account. 

This explainer video has two versions. The short version was used to engage with new users on social networks and the full version (64 sec) was placed on the company website to make it easier for visitors to understand how Scratchpay works. 

The target audience of this video by Blue Carrot includes vet clinic owners, their C-level executives , and veterinarians. The idea was to promote Scratchpay through vet clinics that would recommend it to clients that can’t cover the bill at the moment.   

Results — 8.5% of viewers clicked the CTA button. 

I had a fantastic experience working with Blue Carrot and will be using them for the majority of our company’s creative projects going forward. 

Tim, Alex, and their team are creative, professional, and responsive. Highly recommended whether you need a video, art, or any design work done!


Neil Stanga, VP of Marketing and Business Development Scratch Financial, Inc.

Onfo Revolution

Sales Funnel Stage — top
Video Type — brand video  

Onfo is a cryptocurrency earned through network mining. In 2020, the Blue Carrot team created a stylish monochrome 2D brand video that tells a story behind Onfo. This animated film visualizes the fears and desires of the Onfo target audience. It was created as a product video that raises curiosity around Onfo and then explains how to use it. 

While producing a video sales funnel with the Onfo team, we considered some target audience insights. The noir aesthetics of this video are our attempt to depict the anxiety and pessimism that Millennials have about the global currency market. 

The brand message the  video communicates is emotional: Onfocoins give people hope that global finances will no longer be controlled by a small group of the immoral rich. To find out how it is possible, users need to click the CTA button. 

Results — this video reached 100K organic views on Facebook in three days.

We love what you guys did. People are talking. We are getting a good reputation with this. As far as I am concerned, Blue Carrot hit this ball into the parking lot.


J.R. Forsyth, Founder at ONFO

Final Thoughts

In 2021, sales funnels and video content go hand in hand. Without a thoughtful marketing strategy and a sales funnel with suitable videos, you are less likely to successfully convert views into leads and sales.

Videos are currently the most engaging and informative type of content. They also allow you to communicate your messages and make people remember them. That’s why creating funnel video content means taking full advantage of your sales funnel and quickly achieving marketing goals. 

At Blue Carrot, we see a wide picture when it comes to video marketing.


🥕  Check out what Blue Carrot has to offer. 


Contact us if you need a video for a specific stage of your sales funnel or if you need to define what you can get out of video marketing 👇

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