Imperium Jets— Promo Video Case Study


Goal: to promote a sales optimization platform for private jet operators and agents 

Client: Imperium Jets, an innovative tech platform operating in the private aviation and travel sector

Genre: promotional explainer video

Style: 2D motion graphics with UI elements and stock footage integration 

Duration: 85 seconds

A video explainer as a promo tool. Why did we choose it? 

Private jets are one of the most comfortable and fastest ways to travel, and they can also be a powerful source of income for owners or agents. However, most of them can’t compete with aviation giants that sell flights everywhere, online and offline. 

So, how do you reach clients and gain profits by operating private flights? Imperium Jets is an answer to this question. The easy-to-use online platform connects jet operators and agents with leading distribution channels globally. It allows customers to sell private flights by seat and to start making profits immediately.

Blue Carrot developed an animated story based on explainer video principles to highlight the perks that Imperium provides its clients and give viewers a clear understanding of their value. There, potential customers get details on the core idea of the service and find out how to add their private flights to the database. 

To make a promo message sound convincing and stand out, the video combines several artistic techniques. It features live shot video (from stocks) with private jet passengers, UI elements, and 2D animation overlays. Due to its structure, it can also be used at various sales funnel stages, including awareness (social media and online advertising) and decision-making (landing page). 

Full-cycle production for Imperium Jets: Details

Blue Carrot’s team took over the whole production process. The idea of adding explainer elements to the promotional video and applying mixed artistic techniques resulted from a deeper analysis of the client’s tasks, audience, and competitive environment. Since we are speaking about innovative solutions for those who may not be into tech, the first challenge was to grab the audience’s attention by briefly describing a problem they can resolve using Imperium Jets.

The key advantages of the platform — its potential to maximize customer profits and general usability — are depicted using the website interface, footage, and actual figures. All to add a promo video credibility in the eyes of its audience. In addition, it was essential to help the brand become recognizable. That’s why, in the animated video, Blue Carrot followed Imperium’s brand colors and visual style.    

This video for Imperium Jets took Blue Carrot about 7 working weeks to complete, including scripting, storyboarding, style development, VO recording, and work on illustrations, animation, and sound effects


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