Inpher—2D Explainer Video Case Study


Goal: to raise product awareness and explain to potential customers how the service works.

Client: Inpher

Genre: explainer video


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Style: 2D animation

Duration: a series of 3 videos, each is up to 180 seconds

An explainer video series for Inpher, video 2.  Providing specific use cases of secret computing.

Why are created videos over 2 minutes?

How can one introduce their service to business customers if it’s the first time most have heard about such an innovative solution? The time-proven answer is to promote your product to show clients you understand their needs and the difficulties they face. Moreover, you already have a solution that will boost their business flow.

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animated content and people

👉 A series of videos for Inpher demonstrates how you can spark interest in your tech product and raise awareness of target audiences without showing what your product looks like. Three explainer videos created by Blue Carrot focused on getting views on resolving the issue of processing customer data protected with GDPR, corporate firewalls, and other privacy settings.

The campaign’s first video is designed to tackle the most common obstacles modern analytics professionals must overcome while providing companies with accurate data for improving services.

The second and third videos provide users with specific examples of how Inpher works with data and show opportunities customers may open with it.

An explainer video series for Inpher, video 3. Providing specific use cases of secret computing.

Merging 2D minimalism with product interfaces & other details

Secret computing is a technology crafted by Inpher to enable its clients to collect and process data that might be private, sensitive, or confidential. To protect such information, Inpher applies encryption that prevents anyone from seeing or copying data and passing it to a third party. As a result, companies can conduct data science projects and leverage machine learning without putting their clients at risk or breaking GDPR.

In our animation for Inpher, our creative team opted for a minimalistic style and light colors to challenge the typical presentation of digital tech innovations as something complicated and requiring extra knowledge. Instead, Blue Carrot created a series where the visual story is based on stylized interfaces in line with Inpher’s general branding and metaphors, which translates concepts of data protection, AI-powered analytics, and many others through attention-grabbing 2D illustrations.

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