Comarch — Explainer Video Case Study


Goal: to reveal the potential of innovative IT solutions and 5G monetization for telecommunication (telecom) businesses; to strengthen the Comarch image as a professional IT system supplier who understands clients’ needs and helps them deliver the best possible experience to customers

Client: Comarch, an IT system supplier offering personalized next-generation solutions for telecommunication companies all around the world 

Genre: explainer video 

Style: 2D animation featuring high-tech aesthetics 

Duration: 2.46 minutes (the first episode)

Distribution channels. It’s a creative campaign by Comarch with a company’s website as the primary channel; it consists of 5 episodes in a tailored website section.

The annual promo campaign by Comarch: Task overview 

Innovative tech solutions related to telecom automation and digitization are complex products that require explanations. Especially when you offer something that none of their competitors have done before. That is why Comarch launches educational campaigns every year, revealing the prospects of new profits and scaling that their solutions can bring.

In 2022, Comarch planned a series of 5 explainer video episodes and approached Blue Carrot to develop their concepts, scripts, animation, and sound design. The videos must be digestible, look modern and engaging, as well as be profound, that is, be full of insights. 

The target audience was telecommunication decision-makers, including digital service providers (DSP). In particular, Blue Carrot’s task was to convince DSP to invest in the 5G network development assigned to Comarch. 

The Blue Carrot’s solution for Comarch: The plot, metaphors, and production details

Comarch was looking for an animation studio with experience serving IT companies that could generate creative ideas based on references and general client drafts. They didn’t go wrong by opting for Blue Carrot! 

For the campaign’s first episode, we picked a typical 5G integration case and turned a business owner and tailored service providers (our target audience) into “football players” coordinated by a head coach (Comarch). 

The story evolved around the so-called NextGen Stadium, where football lovers can go far beyond watching desired matches. They can enjoy personalized analytics, order meals online, real-time streaming, voting, personal VAR, and much more. 

Blue Carrot’s video for Comarch features the “players” needed to provide the online and offline NextGen Stadium experience for football fans. The team includes:

  • Digital service provider
  • Infrastructure supplier
  • Stadium owner
  • Media provider
  • Creative provider of 5G applications

Although each of them might act professionally as an individual, to handle the 5G growth and cooperate smoothly, they require Comarch, “the coach” who sees the bigger picture and can offer them a robust teamwork solution.

Our explainer video production team leveraged numerous metaphors to make the video digestible and easy to remember. As a result, our NextGen Stadium team consists of heroes with unique superpowers and futuristic accessories hunting their roles and expertise. In turn, being a coach, Comarch doesn’t influence any of them directly but makes possible their smooth interaction by developing a custom 5G solution. 

👉 The episode production took Blue Carrot 3 months with the involvement of a producer, screenwriter, illustrator, motion designer, and sound designer. The color choice follows Comarch’s corporate colors, and the animated style was designed to make the campaign lively and deepen associations with the company’s innovativeness.

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