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Jun, 08, 2021
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Financial technology has disrupted the industry of finance with innovations, the key of which is a digital currency. It has resulted in huge changes within financial products, institutions, and the market on the whole. Fintech has already been acknowledged as the fastest-growing sphere worldwide and no surprise that 82% of traditional financial companies are going to increase partnership with Fintechs in the next 3-5 years.

However, the complexity of the finance and technology behind it requires introduction and explanations to the ordinary users, who are not always tech-savvy and aware of the latest technology trends. A good way out is to create a financial explainer video that can break a complicated subject down, engage and educate the consumers.

Animated video storytelling helps Fintech companies and startups turn their complicated tricky ideas and concepts into short and clear, yet entertaining and creative messages. It’s vital for a new generation of consumers to increase loyalty and besides, it helps financial organizations and banks stand out from their competitors.


  1. Things to Know while Creating Fintech Converting Explainer videos
  2. The Specifics of Creating Animated Explainer Videos for Fintech
  3. The Key Characteristics of a Converting Explainer Video for Fintech Business
  4. Tips to Create a Converting Explainer Video for Fintech
  5. Final Thoughts
  6. Our Experience


Things to Know while Creating Fintech Converting Explainer videos

As you probably know, an explainer video is a universal video of up to 3 minutes that is utilized on the first three sales funnel stages (awareness, interest, and decision) to communicate with potential clients and boost conversions. Such videos are often used in social media ads, on landing pages, in email marketing, in-app onboarding experiences, and so on.


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Video is today the most popular type of content since it’s a multifunctional and powerful attention grabber. With an animated explainer video clip, you can meet 3 goals at a time:

  • make a wide audience aware of your product,
  • explain how it works,
  • convert potential audience into real users.

Modern customers prefer watching short videos to reading articles or tutorials since it’s fun, quick, and effective

Animated explainer videos for the Fintech industry are even more beneficial since complex financial concepts need to be explained in a simple and amusing manner. Every financial institution, whether it’s a traditional bank or a mobile-only one, a SaaS product, an insurance company, or a Fintech startup can benefit from finance explainer videos production.

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The Specifics of Creating Animated Explainer Videos for Fintech

Like any other commercial sphere, Fintech requires conversions. However, it has its specifics that should be considered. 

First, Fintech products are innovative and complex, so it’s essential to find an effective way to present them in a straightforward manner. Wrapping the presentation into a story may be a good idea.

Keep in mind that the financial sphere is rather a serious field. So, you need to create a trustworthy video of good quality. This can be reached with a powerful professional production team that will create animation/graphics/design of superior quality. 

What is more, your visuals must meet the standards your target audience is used to. 

Also, the voiceover should also be made with an actor whose tone of voice arises credibility and confidence. 


The Key Characteristics of a Converting Explainer Video for Fintech Business

It’s difficult to give a one-fits-all list of the most vital features of a Fintech video since there is no and cannot be a “universal” or typical Fintech video. The audience, messages, communication channels – all these factors vary and determine the video type, content, and specifics. However, some most common things to mention are: 

👉 Your explanation of innovation should be simple and clear

A good explainer video for Fintech is made through a full focus on a video objective and a clear message that it communicates. When you speak about a blockchain, for instance, your audience should not have the slightest reason to google something about it after they’ve seen your video. 

👉Your video should arise the feeling of trust, empathy, safety, and calmness

To achieve it, you can use a step-by-step explanation approach and highlight the product’s befits or the service’s effectiveness.

👉 You need a good balance of conservatism, creativity, and modern trends.

The audience in the financial sphere is often conservative (we have dealt with bankers, elderly people, veterinary clinics, etc.) and the topic of finances adds up conservatism, that’s why a proper balance is vital.

Well-executed features are a must in a high-converting explainer video for Fintech.  Your script should be detailed and precise, animated elements fascinating, and high-quality, music, voiceover, and other sounds make up a balanced mixture. Altogether it would be a comprehensive clip long enough to explain all the details, yet short enough to match the audience’s average attention span (ideally 30 to 120 seconds).


Tips to Create a Converting Explainer Video for Fintech

When you create a Fintech animated explainer video that works and converts, we advise you to follow a kind of algorithm to make it most effective.

Take time to create a good brief

Since Fintech is a complex topic, you should be careful when creating the concept of your video. Take time to answer the key questions, such as—what you need a video for, what are the precise aims it should meet (for instance—to increase the conversion of common site visitors to those who order a trial), who you will show it to and what messages it would communicate. This information packaged into a brief will become the basis for your converting explainer video for the Fintech business. If you make a mistake at this stage, your clip will have fewer chances for success. You can read more about proper briefing and how to avoid risks here.


Follow the structure

For a typical explainer we advise the following structure:

  • Describe the precise problem your product will solve (how much time or money it saves, how it makes the users’ life simpler)
  • Explain how your product solves the problems and relieves your target audience’s pains. We advise using simple and clear visualizations and schemes that are easy to understand.
  • Reveal 3 or 4 key functions that your product has and give a detailed explanation of key features: why it’s important and how it helps.
  • Give the reasons why a client should choose you instead of your competitors (if there are any competitors or alternative solutions) and a social proof.

Give a strong, plain, and clear CTA—what a user should do after he has watched your video (fill in the form, ask for a trial, download a mobile app, etc.)


Choose the proper timing

According to WISTIA research (Hoogervorst, Ch. “Understanding Audience Retention.” Wistia, 2020), your video’s advisable duration is between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. In these boundaries the audience’s engagement should be the same. We advise you to focus not on the video length, but on the messages you want to communicate and details you want to highlight. Make the video long enough to reveal your message yet to keep engagement. A plenty of duration more or less are not worth stressing about, it’s for sure.

Here’s a good piece of content about commercial video length. Check it out!


Decide on the style with a target audience in mind

Your brand determines your video style: it can either be conservative or provocative. At BlueCarrot we created both – classic serious videos for bank workers and provocative revolutionary videos about cryptocurrency. Read more about styles and types of animation.


Turn to the professional production team with marketing experience

Find a production team that understands marketing processes and has some experience of working with the Fintech industry. To create an animated explainer video for Fintech that converts, you should focus on marketing aims in the first turn, but not on the art style that is most trendy. Your major goal is to match the potential client’s preferences rather than a mainstream taste.


Localize, optimize, and distribute your video 

You can localize your video to increase conversions in different areas. What’s more, you can use abridged video clips for social media networks, shorter clips are more effective in social media, also consider various formats, like 16:9, 1:1, etc.

Ask the production team for permission to use source files and use them on your site, e-mail marketing campaigns, presentations, and everywhere you can use a video. Good visualization and graphics always add up emotions. 

You can personalize your video on certain hostings like Idomoo (“Interactive Personalised Video for Service”, idomoo) and take your maximum from analytics on the platforms like WISTA.


Final Thoughts

To draw a line: explainers are now widely used across all walks of life, but a high-converting explainer video for Fintech often remains a tricky thing for those who need it. It takes much effort to create a good detail-oriented explainer with good content packaged into the right visuals and supplemented with suitable sound effects.

That’s why turning to a professional animated explainer video production company with marketing expertise is the best solution. BlueCarrot has carried out the projects in Fintech and specializes in creating insightful SaaS videos that make your product stand out through laser-focused marketing strategies and creative production, yet at a decent cost (read more about video pricing here). Our services include full-cycle custom video production from idea to rotation-ready SaaS video that helps our clients increase conversions throughout their sales funnel. 



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Our Experience 

If you are going to create a Fintech animated explainer video, check our cases in this sphere and make sure we can meet all your requirements. Our expertise is at your service


Explainer video

Goal: Explain an innovative payment service in an easy-to-understand way.

Solution: 64 sec explainer video done in a playful style with a pet-friendly feel + 25 sec short version of the video for a social media usage.

Results: 86% – average viewer engagement, 34% – play rate, 8.5% – Call To Action clicks.

‘‘I had a fantastic experience working with Blue Carrot and will be using them for the majority of our company’s creative projects going forward.’’

– Neil Stanga, VP of Marketing and Business Development Scratch Financial, Inc



Explainer video

Goal: Explain a universal currency in app-form which has the potential to be a global mechanism of exchange.

Solution: 119 sec of a provocative revolutionary explainer video.

Results: That video reached 100K views organically in 3 days on Facebook!

‘‘We love what you guys did. People are talking. We are getting a good reputation with this. As far as I am concerned, Blue Carrot hit this ball into the parking lot.’’

– J.R. Forsyth, Founder at ONFO

Make the first step to explainer animation that will tell the story and simplify your product understanding right now. 


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Improve brand visibility and make your product easier to understand with an animated explainer video. Blue Carrot can help 🙂

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