Auka – Fintech App Explainer Video Сase Study


Product: a white-label app for online money transfers designed to become a part of client’s banking ecosystem 

Client: Auka (Settle), Norway

Genre: fintech explainer animation

Duration: 120 seconds 

Channels: offline sales meetings, emails

Fintech app explainer video production: Task overview 

Mobile payment is one of the fastest-growing and the most promising fintech niches nowadays. Nevertheless, many startups in this industry face numerous communication challenges that prevent them from growing exponentially. Innovative products are hard to explain to the audience that encounters the solutions of that type for the first time in their lives.

By opting for fintech app explainer video production, E-banking companies can easily find common ground with their potential customers and make them pass sales funnel stages faster. 

In 2018, Norwegian fintech company Auka, which has since rebranded to Settle, approached our team. The company specializes in creating white-label finance management apps for banks and financial institutions in Europe. The Auka team wanted to leverage their marketing efforts with comprehensive explainer animation.

The Fintech mobile app explainer video examples Auka shared with us were created for sales managers to use during meetings with partners and online communication.



Finance & Fintech Explainer Video Example: Key Challenges 

We, at Blue Carrot, provide a full-cycle animated explainer video service and arm them with animation that meets their marketing goals. To achieve advanced results, we carefully study our clients’ business, products, and communication tasks. At the discovery stage, we’ve explored the following project challenges:

✅ Conservative B2B Audience

The Auka product is an application for transferring money between any bank accounts. The end-users of this cloud solution are people, but the company sells its solution to banks and financial institutions to integrate the product into their client services. Thus, the decision-makers here are conservative European bankers.

✅ White-label Application Promo 

This is an unusual fintech app video case study since our task was to sell the white-label solution to banks, which would then customize it and use the purchased technology to serve their own clients. This meant that we did not have any particular application that we can show in the video.

✅ Functionality-focused Approach

Auka’s target audience consists of bankers who were mostly unfamiliar with the cloud-based and secure online payments technology that would allow their customers to send money to each other in just a few clicks. Therefore, we needed to impress them with the possibilities of a new service for their customers. 


✅ Latest Visual Trends Meet Classic Storytelling  

The Auka product needed a clear explanation of its idea and workflow, so there was a risk that the video would be tedious and wordy. We decided to bring storytelling to it but avoid using characters that would complicate the video. We opted for trending visual style and an energetic female voiceover to make this finance & fintech explainer video example dynamic and engaging.. 


Project phases regarding this fintech explainer video example

Who worked on this video: creative producer, scriptwriter, visual artists, motion designer, sound designer, voiceover artist

It took our team 185 hours (around six weeks) to create a video for Auka from an idea to ready-to-use explainer animation. The project consisted of several stages (learn more on our typical explainer video steps here):

🔹 Client briefing

Insights. Creating ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), we’ve found out that our audience could perceive long business videos (over 60 seconds). The key decision parameters of these people were the product’s ability to increase customer loyalty. It was also essential to prove that we were talking about a reliable cloud service trusted by many companies in Europe.

🔹 Working on messages and script structure

Insights. As you see from our banking explainer video case study, we focused on the Auka application functionality within our script. It contained such elements as us app use cases concerning end-users and explaining product features. Our goal was to show how many money transferring options an Auka partner can provide to their clients.

Explore more on this topic: A Complete Checklist on How to Write a Script for an Explainer Video.  

🔹 Creating a Storyboard

Insights. This fintech explainer video example is featuring the key steps in using the app. At the heart of the story we told through animation is an everyday app use case: sending money from one friend to another while they are clients of different banks and have no cash on hand. 

🔹 Style Frames and Illustrations

Insights. This animation style is a tool for keeping the audience’s attention and a chance for a company to share product information, for which there was not enough room in the voiceover text. We chose minimalism with cyberpunk elements as our main style to emphasize the ease of use of the application and its innovativeness.

🔹 Animation and Sound Production

Insights. To make the video dynamic, we chose a young voice actress to record the voiceover. We also showed smartphone screens instead of characters turned out to be an economy-friendly approach. The video took less time to produce than other videos of the same length from our portfolio


Major Fintech Explainer Video Case Study Takeaways

Video Results. The Auka (Settle) sales team started using video explainers and reached higher conversion rates and shorter new client acquisition times.  

Fintech app explainer video production was not entirely new to our team when we began working with Auka (Settle). Our team strives to turn each of our projects into an opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and valuable insights about the industry. Here are some of the takeaways we noted when summarizing the project:

1️⃣ Start with a Marketing Goal and You’ll Never Go Wrong

As noted in this fintech explainer video case study, the work on the video for Auka began with studying the work of the sales managers that will use it. We then studied communication channels and audiences (European bankers) and decided on the duration of the video and advertising messages.

2️⃣ Use app interface demo while speaking about benefits   

There are several ways one can use creating videos for tech startups. Suppose your video target audience is the end-user of the product (like in E-commerce businesses). The product’s value is best explained by illustrating situations in which the product makes the users’ lives easier. In the B2B sector, it is better to describe product benefits by showing tangible interfaces in action.

Want to know more about video explainers for tech startups and other businesses? Check out our Explainer Video Guide

3️⃣ Always have several style options 

No matter how cool the first sketches seem to you, spend some time working on a few more style options. Review sessions with clients will provide you valuable insights on how a particular video style will be perceived. You can then make an informed decision. 

Not sure what KIND OF video you need?

🥕 Answer a few questions and choose your format

In our case, we chose between a dark and light video background. We ultimately opted for a dark one. It looked better within the presentation in the meeting room and more spectacular after stakeholders switched to it from their white-backgrounded mailboxes.


4️⃣ Don’t be Afraid of Long-length Videos but Consider your Audience’s Attention Span  

In our case, the length of the video was justified. Sales managers have already prepared the target audience to accept such content. These people want to know more about the product, so it’s not hard for them to stay focused on one subject for 120 seconds. If you want to raise product awareness among social media users, you’d better stay under 20 seconds. 

For more brilliant explainer video examples of the recent years, go to our blog article: 11 Best SaaS Explainer Videos.  

It’s generally a very positive response. You did it just right! Great work, team! 

– Jørgen Riiser,
Head of Marketing at Auka

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