8 Innovative Technology Explainer Videos: Trends and Examples

Apr, 22, 2024
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According to statistics, 83% ( Knott, R. “Video Statistics, Habits, and Trends You Need To Know.” The TechSmith Blog, 2021) of consumers prefer watching training videos over training manuals or product documentation in text or audio formats. This is because explainer videos for the tech industry offer a more interactive and visually appealing way to learn, making the information more memorable and engaging.

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👉 Technical explainer videos serve as a very helpful tool for tech companies looking to break down complex concepts into digestible, engaging content that resonates with their target audience. By translating dense concepts such as technical features and functionalities into simple, easy-to-understand content, explainer videos help make complex concepts more simplified and accessible to a broader audience.


  1. The Power of Technology Explainer Videos
  2. Best Tech Explainer Video Examples
  3. The Future of Tech Explainer Videos
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The Power of Technology Explainer Videos

According to recent data, the average video retention rate is 54% (S, Chandraveer. “100+ Surprising Video Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2024.” SocialPilot, 2024). This percentage represents the number of viewers who watch the video all the way through. What’s interesting, is that the retention rate increases to 62% for videos under 60 minutes.

Statistics also show that videos with closed captions and short-form video content are most accessible and are consumed by more people. For Software as a Service (SaaS) products, explainer videos that double up as technology storytelling may help marketing teams communicate the value proposition more effectively, especially for features that require some technical know-how to understand.

Animated tech explainer videos, for instance, have already become an effective marketing tool for SaaS projects. They can demonstrate the functionality of the SaaS product, illustrate its interface, and adapt to the needs of the SaaS audience.


Best Tech Explainer Video Examples

Let’s take a look at some tech explainer video examples that the Blue Carrot team has worked on for various brands and how each problem was met with a creative solution:

✔️Future Ready

Future Ready is an online sales platform where teams and managers can effectively address clients’ requests. It uses conversational AI, allowing sales teams to quickly understand what a client wants, and provides managers with helpful tips on how to respond. It can also effectively detect a client’s mood and evaluate the sales manager’s actions to help them close the deal or reach a target.

Through simple 2D animation, the team at Blue Carrot made a next-generation sales tool accessible and easy to understand to their target audience. Because Future Ready is an innovative service, it was important to show potential clients how it would look and feel both for managers and their leads — hence the need to use 2D animation.

It was also important to prove it could resolve specific business issues like high bounce rates or low cool contact conversions. As such, Blue Carrot formatted a script highlighting key service perks and took the audience through different scenarios and use cases with 2D animation.

Blue Carrot handled the entire video production cycle from concept creation to storyboarding, illustration, motion graphics, and sound design. The whole process was completed in 4 weeks.


Comarch, an IT system supplier interacting with telecommunication companies, was looking for an animation studio specializing in technology storytelling. Blue Carrot has significant experience serving IT companies and generating creative ideas based on references and general client drafts, which made them a good match.
The goal was to communicate how the system worked. Blue Carrot used a common analogy through a campaign to explain complex concepts. For the first episode, a typical 5G integration case was picked. Then, a business owner and tailored service providers (the target audience) were turned into football players being coordinated by a head coach (Comarch).

The story revolved heavily around NextGen Stadium where football players could watch matches and enjoy personalized analytics, real-time streaming, voting, ordering meals online, and more.

The video highlighted how different “players” needed to provide online and offline support to make football fans’ experiences successful. The production process took Blue Carrot three months with a producer, illustrator, screenwriter, motion designer, and sound designer on the team.


Bookingkit is a German SaaS solution for tourist attraction and activity providers in Europe. Its functions include digitalizing booking procedures, facilitating client communication, and more.

The challenge was to create videos that served as effective explainers and to enhance brand visibility for the business. The main task for the Blue Carrot team was to create videos with striking visuals to function as classic advertising and explainers on the company’s website and social networks.

The video also had to explain which problems Bookingkit could solve, describe the benefits of using the service, and encourage viewers to order a demo — so definitely a tall order!

The video needed to be in English but also have Italian, French, and Spanish subtitles, plus a German voiceover. Blue Carrot’s storytelling in the video revolved around the journey of a tourist attraction director who served as the representative of the target audience.

She wanted to provide customers with the best experience possible and was looking for ways to optimize her workflow to scale. To make the video clear and easy to understand symbolism was used. The director’s flight represented the company’s growth through up-to-date client experiences. Space rockets stood for client projects that would “skyrocket” thanks to Bookingkit.

Heavy symbolism was also used to represent things like research and digitalization. It took the Blue Carrot team four weeks to produce the promotional and explainer video for Bookingkit with a producer, screenwriter, illustrator, motion designer, and sound designer on board.


Verity is an app for family banking, money management, and prepaid cards. The target market is mostly children and their parents, so the style required was very animated explaining the product in simple terms. The Verity team approached Blue Carrot to create a series of animated onboarding tutorials for features and interface shortcuts.

Since Verity’s users are adults and children, the app’s interface has two versions. As such, two videos were required to get deeper into UI-related topics. Blue Carrot also leveraged Verity’s existing isometric pixel art aesthetics.

The Blue Carrot team animated elements Verity used on social media and the app UI, building a story around its isometric characters. The plot revolves around a nuclear family with two children who receive pocket money from their parents. The process took four weeks, with Blue Carrot creating a storyboard, developing animations, and designing the videos’ audio.

✔️ is a privacy solution that lets you visualize and block third-party tracking sites to help make browsing safer, faster, and more secure. The company’s goal was to create explainer videos that help people understand how they can take control of their online data.

To highlight that the service was award-winning, user-friendly, and highly rated, simple animation combined with clear and concise language was used to explain the concept of data privacy and security.

✔️Project Shasta

Project Shasta is an Adobe-powered software that uses AI to record and edit audio — no download needed. The goal was to convey how people without sound engineering backgrounds or technical know-how could easily create and edit professional-sounding audio.

Animation and simple wording convey these points, along with colors that evoke a hip yet cool feel while still reflecting Adobe’s colors. Using dynamic elements and clear narration, the team produced an explainer video that showed users how simple it was to create AI-powered audio.


Panoply is another example of how simple visuals and animations can convey complex information. The team at Panoply created an explainer video for their data management platform with a stark focus on the importance of the data journey.

The video team behind the project focused on storytelling and the data journey and honed in on how it can all be simplified to allow individuals and teams to create better workflows. Using a combination of 2D and 3D animation, they developed the entire project in Aftereffects.


BotCentral is a chatbot service that claims to elevate online communication to a different level. The video production team combined character animation and abstract 2D vector animation to retain a human element while demonstrating the software’s functionality and UI. The video is a good example of how a brand can speak convincingly to its target audience and build demand for a tech product through explainer videos.

Transform your complex tech story into an engaging, easy-to-understand narrative.

The Future of Tech Explainer Videos

The future of tech explainer videos is set to continue leveraging advancements and innovation in technology, software, and storytelling techniques. Key trends shaping this landscape include the increased use of AI in video production, with technologies allowing smaller firms and businesses to create better content more quickly.

Moreover, virtual and augmented reality is also expected to become more prevalent in tech industry explainers, providing a more immersive experience for viewers. Additionally, personalized and interactive videos are on the rise, incorporating elements such as choose-your-own-adventure style narratives or allowing users to input their own data into the video. This creates a more engaging and tailored experience for the user, allowing brands to attract more leads.

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Ready to Transform Your Tech Marketing Strategy?

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