Future Ready — Promo Video Case Study


Goal: to promote the Future Ready platform by explaining how it works and what its interface looks like  

Client: Future Ready, the Norwegian-based international platform for instant sales manager coaching  

Genre: promotional explainer video

Style: 2D Memphis-style graphics in motion, photo collages, and real UI elements integration 

Duration: 84 seconds

Multipurpose explainer video: Business arguments & Comforting tone of voice 

Most sales leaders train their teams using scripts and observing their actions in real time. However, the approach seems to be a bit dated since it doesn’t allow a sales lead to instantly watch what managers are doing and help them to deal with each problematic case. So let us introduce a game-changing AI-powered tool by Future Ready, the one to which we dedicated our recent explainer video. 

Target the client’s pain points, statistics, interface introduction, recognizable visual style in line with the client’s overall branding, and powerful arguments why every sales lead should try Future Ready —That’s how Blue Carrot resolved the task of simultaneously promoting and explaining the unique value of Future Ready. 

👉 The result is a 2D animation shot featuring Memphis’ aesthetics that is easy to understand even if you watch the video with the sound turned off.  

From storyboarding to VO. Blue Carrot’s solution for Future Ready 

Future Ready is a digital platform for sales teams where managers can learn how to deal with clients’ requests. The service is powered with conversational AI, which quickly gets into what a client wants and provides a manager with instant tips. It also detects a client’s mood and evaluates the sales manager’s actions to help them close the deal or reach another communication target. 

Since Future Ready is a next-generation service, it was essential to show how it looks and feels both for managers and their leads, as well as prove that it can resolve specific business issues, such as a high bounce rate or low cool contact conversions. For that reason, Blue Carrot came up with a script uncovering key service perks and took the audience on the journey to their business success. 

Blue Carrot handled the entire video production cycle, including concept creation, storyboarding, drawing illustrations, motion graphics, and sound design. The production task was completed in 4 weeks 🚀

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