Pre-Roll Video Advertising: What It Is and How You Can Use It

Dec, 24, 2017
Senior Account Executive

I bet we have all experienced those annoying ads that play just before our favorite tv show. You might initially think those ads are useless, but this kind of advertising actually brings a lot of value to many businesses.

What’s more, businesses have realized that people would rather not watch pre-roll or any commercials for that matter. So, companies have begun creating valuable video content, short videos meant to entertain and delight an audience.

When done well, these videos provide an interesting, helpful, or entertaining break to someone who may become a customer.


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Pre-roll video can really help your business to raise awareness.

This is likely the biggest value pre-roll ads provide. You have just five seconds to captivate your audience. Most people will skip your ad, regardless, you will have left an impression and these people will be a bit more friendly the next time they hear your name.

Keeping this in mind, we suggest keeping your message short and including only the most important information. We have found that 15 seconds is the optimal length and strongly discourage anything over 30 seconds.

Increasing awareness is good. But, obviously, when money is invested, we want to get a return. When talking about the pre-roll video we are not talking about closing a deal with a new customer. Pre-roll ad should not be the only tool you are using to increase web traffic. Likely, you will not close a deal with a single 20-second ad.


Fortunately, pre-roll ads give your audience an easy chance for interaction just by clicking the ad.

So, if your ad is successful in garnering interest, your potential customers can go directly to your landing page.

And now a question. Are you ready for pre-roll?

Don’t waste a brilliant pre-roll by not having anything behind it. I would be frustrated if I clicked and you just sent me to your homepage. The ideal flow of your ad should be:

Pre-roll video with a clear call-to-action  —-> click —–> tailored landing page ——> conversion

Pre-roll video ads can also be used to retarget audience from your YouTube Channel.


This is done by targeting your pre-roll campaign by geolocation, demographics, online behavior, user interest, topics, and keywords.

That’s why pre-roll ads provide the most accurate hits on your target audience and yield quick results while generating significant savings in the advertising budget.

Pre-roll ads should be no more than 30 seconds. 15 seconds is considered ideal.


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The best pre-roll ads are clickable and provide customers with a URL and call-to-action that redirects them to your landing page when clicked. The video should immediately capture the attention of the viewer, and the message should be brief and clear.

Among the benefits of pre-roll you will find advanced targeting, campaign measurement, and conversion optimization. You can engage consumers and successfully distribute your message to wide audiences, for comparatively low prices.


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