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Dec, 26, 2017
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Product Video and Why Your Business Needs It

Regardless of what products you sell or what services are offered, visitors to your site are always at a certain stage in deciding whether to continue working with you. And one of the ways to help the user make a choice is to tell him in an accessible way why your product or service is worthy of his choice. Product videos as a part of internet marketing strategy are great tools to solve this task quickly and effectively.


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General Characteristics of Product Video

  • The product video should fit the context. In other words, it should tell about the situation of your user, reveal his pain points and offer the solution to them.
  • It should tell a story. Modern customers love storytelling so they want to know not only about the technical characteristics of the product but about the people who have created it and the story of its creation.
  • It should be as customized as possible. This means that your product video should be enriched with your brand logo, drawn with your corporate colors and directly address your potential customers.

Why Do You Need a Product Video?

Video content makes the brand closer to potential customers. Short and memorable videos convey your values to the audience, solve problems, teach, motivate and even amuse. All this in the future builds an open and trusting relationship with users.

Statistics also speaks in favor of using a professional product video on your website or other media resource.

  • 55% of users (An, Mimi. 鈥淭he Future of Content Marketing: How People Are Changing the Way They Read, Interact, and Engage With Content.鈥澛燞ubSpot,聽 2022 )聽become more attentive while consuming product videos compared to other types of content;
  • a landing page that contains new product video has 80% (鈥淭he Benefits of Using Video on Landing Pages | Unbounce.鈥澛燯nbounce, 2024) more chances to get conversions;
  • half of the internet users (, 2024)look for product explanation video before making a purchase;
  • users who have watched a demo product video are 1.81 times more likely to buy it.

Types of Product Videos

  • Product demo video. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how your product or service works in real conditions, and how they solve the problems of a potential client. Instead of a thousand words about product features and your complicated technology, it is possible to create a short video that will formulate the problem and demonstrate the product鈥檚 features able to solve it.
  • Software product demonstration video. If you are launching an IT product you should make your users know what they are going to pay for. For this purpose, software demo with screencast elements or step-by-step guidance within product UI will be very useful. 聽In this video, you do not need to dryly list the technical characteristics of the product. The main thing is to explain to the buyer the benefits of these characteristics and functions so that he understands.
  • Product review and testing video. An overview of product features works great, especially if your product outweighs the functionality of a similar product from other vendors. This video should not contain complex technical terms but speak in a simple language and focus on the benefits of the product.
  • Video comparison of alternative products. If you have a lot of similar products, make a video in which tell about the differences and give the user a guide on how to choose from your assortment exactly what he needs.

Where to Use a Product Video

  • Youtube. This is the second place where people are looking for products鈥 descriptions and reviews after they have googled them. Youtube product video is one more opportunity to be 100% noticed by your potential customers.
  • Landing Page. This is a great opportunity to save your visitors from reading, briefly and quickly tell about the key features of the product, as well as improve the SEO indicators of your landing page. This will be achieved not only by placing the video (Google loves such pages), but also by analyzing the behavior of the users who will remain on the page, watching the video till the end.
  • Social networks.
  • Website.
  • Marketplace.
  • Sales and investment pitches. When you are explaining the features of your product to your customers or investors, a product video may help to summarize everything said by you and it will be your insurance if you forget to say something important.

Milestones of Making Perfect Video: Product Video Creation Process

Here are the main stages that our product video production company follows to make your clip perfect:

  1. Concept. The aim of the first stage is to determine the main idea of your聽product video.
  2. Script. It is very important to use the most accurate words to convey your message and develop a clear Call-to-Action.
  3. Storyboard. These are the sketches of the future storyline.
  4. Illustrations. We draw dozens of illustration for every second of your product video.
  5. Voice over. It is also necessary to choose the right voice and tone to improve auditory perception.
  6. Animation. On this stage, our sketches are transformed into a seamless video.
  7. Music. This is the final touch to make your product video done.


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Why Choose Blue Carrot

Modern Internet marketing is multi-channel. Videos now continue to win the attention of the audience, so the creation of video content fits perfectly into this concept and is an investment that will give a good effect in both the short and long term. The cost of a聽product video聽is individual for every project but we at Blue Carrot do our best to come up with the good results within your budget.


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