GIN – Promo Video Case Study


Launching a new product is a challenge. Hundreds of product launch and introduction videos are posted on social platforms daily. You need to find ways to make your video stand out and get the audience to invest more time watching your videos instead of the others.

Goal: Support a new product launch with a marketing video while raising brand awareness and the potential client’s curiosity.

To set our videos apart from the rest, we focus on storytelling. We embed products and ideas into stories that people want to share. We generate excitement about the products we promote. You can do this by making it funny, using specially composed music, personalizing the introduction, or showing the soul of an operation. Viewers want to understand the whys and the whats of the product and company. To make our message virally valuable, the product must be so integral to the narrative that people can’t tell the story without it.


Solution: We produced a minute-long animation with a captive storyline that utilizes light new product integration. The idea behind this solution was to motivate people to share facts from the video and the video itself. We composed music and opted for a cartoon style animation to make this video soulful and entertaining.

Watch this project on Behance 👀

You might recall the words of marketing professor Jonah Berger: “People don’t just share information, they tell stories. But just like the epic tale of the Trojan Horse, stories are vessels that carry things such as morals and lessons. Information travels under the guise of what seems like idle chatter.”

To make our message virally valuable it must be so integral to the narrative that people can’t tell the story without it. Just like we can’t tell the story of gin’s birth not mentioning Gin itself 🙂

Just like we did with Kampgrounds of America, we decided to check out the stats on social media 👇

Results: Posted on Facebook alone, the video received almost 10K views in three days, which is a hundred times more than their Saint Patrick’s Day post received over a three month period.

“Overall, the final result was a creative, playful, and communication-effective animation that fulfilled most of our expectations. We would be happy to work with your studio again or to suggest it to interested parties. On behalf of By the Dutch team, thank you for the incredible work!”

– Riccardo Winspeare,
Marketing Manager at By the Dutch

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