Technology Explainer Video Production Services

Tell your story
A technology explainer video is a story told visually in a way that connects your audience with your product.
Explain technology
With clear messaging and eye-catching visuals, technology explainer videos show audiences how your product can work for them.
Visualize the unseen
Technology explainer videos enable you to demonstrate products that don’t exist yet.

Technology explainer videos by Blue Carrot

Blue Carrot has assisted 200+ companies with technology explainer video creation projects.





Socket Supply

Socket Supply



Market Simplified

Market Simplified




Cover THREE sales funnel stages with just ONE technology explainer video animation

An explainer video is an all-purpose video that can be used at almost any sales funnel state, including raising product awareness, evoking interest in your service, or building client loyalty. At Blue Carrot, we create technology explainer video animations for any marketing purpose.

Promo videos

Promo videos

E-learning videos

E-learning videos

Corporate videos

Corporate videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos

Onboarding videos

Onboarding videos

Branded videos

Branded videos

At Blue Carrot technology explainer video production company, we create multipurpose technology explainers covering three stages of the sales funnel: awareness, interest, and decision.

Explainer videos are used to connect with potential clients and increase your conversion rates on the first stages of your sales funnel (awareness, interest, and decision) which leads to more product purchases.

How we can help

  • Visualize your brand
  • Communicate value
  • Connect with customers
  • Multipurpose content

Visualize your brand

Our team possesses the advanced technical skills and creative insight required to generate sophisticated graphics that showcase tech products. Blue Carrot excels at translating complex technological ideas into clear, captivating visuals that make your brand stand out.

Visualize your brand

Our team possesses the advanced technical skills and creative insight required to generate sophisticated graphics that showcase tech products. Blue Carrot excels at translating complex technological ideas into clear, captivating visuals that make your brand stand out.

Communicate value

We specialize in demystifying technologies by making them accessible to your audience. Our experts work closely with clients to understand the specifics of their products and industry needs to ensure that their brand’s value is communicated effectively and memorably.

Connect with customers

Captivating and informative content is crucial for engaging potential customers and setting your tech product apart from the competition. We leverage our expertise in all areas of video production to foster a lasting connection between your brand and your audience.

Multipurpose content

Our team is skilled at creating versatile video content that can be tailored for various platforms — from social media snippets to in-depth tutorial videos for your website. This approach reinforces your brand message across different media, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence.

Blue Carrot has produced technology explainer videos since 2014. With clients from diverse industries in more than 30 countries, we are a trusted partner in tech explainer video production

Results from our collaborations include vivid 2D and 3D animations, content for multiple platforms, improved marketing campaigns results.


The Results Speak for Themselves


YouTube channel




Corporate presentation

Exhibition and business events


E-mail marketing

Technology Explainer Production Company Pricing

Average timing:
4 to 8 weeks and 100 to 300 artistic hours to produce a technology explainer video of 1 to 3 minutes from scratch.
Graphics complexity:
The main factor in determining timelines for technology explainer video production services is the desired style of animation. Whiteboard animation is the least expensive artistic technique, while 3D animation is one of the most expensive.
Type of Workflow — Waterfall:
Blue Carrot is a full-cycle software technology video marketing production company. We handle all tasks related to producing your videos, from concept development to music recording. We manage budgets effectively using our well-established production process.

Get Visually Striking Technology Explainer Videos to Engage and Retain More Customers

Testimonials & Cases

I had a fantastic experience working with Blue Carrot and will be using them for the majority of our company's creative projects going forward.
Neil Stanga
VP of Marketing and Business Development Scratch Financial, Inc.


Explainer video

Explain an innovative payment service in an easy-to-understand way.
64 sec explainer video done in a playful style with a pet-friendly feel + 25 sec short version of the video for a social media usage.
86% - average viewer engagement, 34% - play rate, 8.5% - Call To Action clicks.
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It is perfect! Thank you!!! It was a pleasure working with the Blue Carrot team.
Erin Kinney
Punahou School

Punahou Connect

Product explainer video

Promote an online platform for Punahou School alumni and motivate alumni to join the community
70-second explainer video that evokes good memories from student times and creates a friendly atmosphere
The video encourages newcomers to sign up for the platform
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Streamline Your Marketing Efforts by Telling Your Product Story Through Video

Technology Explainer Video Animation Team

At Blue Carrot, we deeply value client engagement in every phase of our technology explainer video production services. Your goals and feedback play a critical role across all steps in crafting inventive tech video solutions. This collaborative approach ensures that your vision is the driving force behind our creative process.
Creative producer
The role of a creative producer at Blue Carrot blends project management skills with a deep understanding of creative visioning. The producer ensures that all project elements, from initial concept through to final execution, are aligned with the client's objectives. Their expertise guarantees that projects remain on schedule and within budget and also elevate the brand voice and resonate with the intended audience.
Storyboard artist
Our skilled artists expertly craft compositions and sketch scenes to reach the creative vision for the final video. They help ensure the seamless integration of content and visuals, resulting in a compelling narrative that aligns with your message.
Illustrators at Blue Carrot focus on the design of characters, settings, and tech product features. Our team of artists excels in a wide range of styles, from cutting-edge 3D to classic 2D illustrations, helping make complex technological concepts accessible to your customers.
Scriptwriters at Blue Carrot play a vital role in the creation of explainer videos, transforming complex concepts into engaging narratives. They have won numerous accolades for their work in the video production industry including Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. Our scriptwriters are storytellers who have contributed to our reputation for producing explainer videos that connect with viewers.
Animators breathe life into our visual content for technology companies, transforming static illustrations into dynamic moving imagery. Through their expertise, words and sketches evolve into sleek, informative tech video solutions.
Sound designer
Sound design plays a pivotal role in the development of technology product explainer videos, enhancing the overall impact and viewer engagement for projects ranging from b2b tech videos to educational technology videos. We engage highly skilled sound designers who expertly blend music, voiceovers, and sound effects to craft immersive soundscapes.
Voiceover artist
Voiceover (VO) is a critical element in captivating and informing the audience. At Blue Carrot, we collaborate with a hand-picked selection of VO artists, encompassing native speakers across a multitude of languages, covering diverse genders, ages, nationalities, and a broad spectrum of voice tones and styles.

Partner with Blue Carrot to Create Your Technology Explainer Videos

Allow us to help you complete your marketing and customer outreach with engaging and visually exciting video storytelling. Blue Carrot has more than 10 years of experience in developing video strategy for technology brands and providing technology video production services. We coordinate our solutions with your current marketing and branding to heighten your reach and impact. 

Video production solutions

Finance & Insurance







Techniques we use



Traditional animation

Cutout animation

Whiteboard videos



What are the benefits of using Technology Explainer Videos in marketing?

A technology explainer video is a flexible tool that elevates marketing initiatives and helps meet sales goals. They can raise brand or product awareness among your target audience, strengthen user interest in your products, and help users make choices about which products they want to invest in.

What types of businesses can benefit from Technology Explainer Videos?

Established tech companies and startups alike can benefit from technology explainer videos, whether they provide SaaS or services.

How long does the video production process take?

Technology explainer videos can take from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the animations and length of the content.

Can I be involved in the production process?

Yes. You will be actively involved in the revision rounds for each delivery phase (on average, there are five phases). You will receive regular status updates and join in on creative sessions, as well!

Are your videos optimized for different platforms?

Yes, we are able to optimize our videos for use on the web, social media platforms, learning management systems, and other platforms so you can use your video on multiple streams.

How do you ensure the videos are cost-effective?

Having produced 500+ videos, our team has polished our process to keep costs down while keeping quality up. Our skills allow us to deliver what clients want without spending much time on revisions, and we work with dispersed teams to improve efficiency. We work with our clients to create a budget and timeline and track progress through five stages to keep costs and deadlines within expected ranges.

What sets Blue Carrot apart from other video production services?

At the heart of our operation is a passion for transforming marketing through videos. We provide end-to-end video production services, collaborating with clients to identify the most effective type of video to meet their goals. Our clients choose us for more than our ability to keep up with trends – they seek us out for our commitment to producing lasting, value-driven marketing assets. We are dedicated to crafting videos that don’t just tell a story but drive tangible results. Our mission is to create inspiring content that resonates with audiences and clearly communicates brand value.

Do you provide B2B tech video production services?

Yes, we can produce any type of technology explainer video whether it is for a customer audience or another business.

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