Blue Carrot is a 5-star company on Clutch

Dec, 24, 2017
Senior Account Executive

At Blue Carrot, we pride ourselves on delivering great video solutions that bring results for our clients. With a broad range of expertise in multiple animation styles and a strategic insight into the full video production cycle, our videos fit the unique needs of every client we work with. As proud as we are to be able to say these things about ourselves, it makes us even more excited that our clients say the same.

Recently, Blue Carrot became a 5-star company on Clutch. Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform that specializes in in-depth analysis of B2B service provides, ranging from video production companies to full-service advertising agencies and more. Using an extensive research methodology, Clutch ranks the 7,000+ companies on their site according to their ability to deliver great results and stellar client experiences.

Clutch’s methodology relies heavily on the client perspective. Their team collects and verifies reviews via online forms or 15-minute phone interviews. The reviews detail the services provided in each engagement as well as the results of each partnership.

So far, Blue Carrot has retained a 5-star score on Clutch for our work in video production. Here are some of the highlights from our Clutch profile:

Mari Nilsen
When they created the first videos, they had an acute eye for detail. Even if we hadn’t specified certain things, they did their own research to figure things out and added them in. They really went above and beyond what we asked, which was the most impressive thing for us.
- Mari Nilsen CEO at IDEE FIX

It’s so rewarding to hear that our clients appreciate our relationship and our eye for detail. As we continue our work with Clutch, we’re excited to see where our client reviews take us.

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