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Dec, 25, 2017
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In order to effectively communicate with your clients, you should convey your message as briefly, clearly and convincingly as possible. An explainer video as a part of the marketing strategy is a good way to do this. This is a great opportunity to tell your customer the most important things about your business briefly, convincingly and stimulate him to find out more about your company.


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An Explainer Video: Many Functions Implemented Simultaneously

What does this tool do and how will it help your business in practice?

An explainer video:

Delivers more memorable marketing messages.

Explainer video delivers more memorable marketing messages

People best remember the information obtained from the video. According to the study (Admin. “Studies Confirm the Power of Visuals to Engage Your Audience in ELearning.” Shift-Logo-2021,  2024), 90% of the information is transmitted to the brain in a visual way. In addition, the video sequence is processed by our brain 60 thousand times faster than text. Therefore, if you want your potential customers not only to understand but also to remember the key features and benefits of your product, explaining animated video is the best solution.

Explains more in less time.

Videos explain more in less time

The animated explainer video is perfect for those cases where you have a lot of information, but very little time to deliver it. In a modern media space, one simple visual image successfully replaces several paragraphs of text. So if you are coming up with a completely new idea, explainer videos for startups and companies are the best way to convey your vision to your potential clients.

Provides deeper visitor engagement.

animated explainer video on the page, the user will spend much more time on it

If there is an animated explainer video on the page, the user will spend much more time on it. This is the reason why the conversion rate is 80% (Patel, N. “Can Product Videos Increase Conversion Rates?” Neilpatel ) better if the company use this tool. 

Blue Carrot Creates: Scratchpay Painted Style Explainer


In the framework of this project, we have created an explainer video for startup. Its main goal was to help pet owners to pay for veterinarian services even if they do not have all the sum at the moment. And our aim was to explain the concept in a  short and comprehensive way with the help of video. The results were as follows:


  • 86% – average viewer engagement,
  • 34% – play rate,
  • 8.5% – Call To Action clicks.

Improves SEO website promotion.

Videos improves SEO

When visitors spend more time on the website watching videos to the end, Google estimates this as a positive behavioral factor. As a result, the site improves its position in search results in a natural way.

As you can see, all these functions are directly interrelated, and as a result, you get a whole range of benefits for your business. High-quality explanatory video used in the right place at the right time is an effective element of the sales funnel.

Types of Animated Explainer Videos That Blue Carrot Makes

Explainer videos are usually used at the top of the funnel when a potential customer is aware of their problem/need and starts to look for potential solutions.

Depending on your needs you can go with:

  • corporate explainer video to tell more about your company;
  • promotional video to advertise your business ;
  • brand video  to make stronger connections with your audience;
  • product video to effectively demonstrates the benefits of a product;
  • kickstarter video to represent your amazing ideas on crowdfunding platforms;

How to Choose the Right Video for Your Business

It is not enough to include animated video in your marketing strategy; the task is to place the video of the necessary type in the right place. Every customer of every business passes through the buyer’s journey. It starts from the first acquaintance with the company and ends with a purchase. So, the type of video you should choose directly depends on the point you want to catch him on and attract his attention.

For example:

  • If you want people to find out more about your startup, it makes sense to make a short ads video to attract traffic;
  • You can use educational or branded videos if your potential customer is at the beginning of the sales funnel;
  • When your customer is thinking how can you help him, you can give him an answer with the help of promo videos and company stories;
  • When the client is ready to make the decision, you can “push” him with the help of explainer videos,  demos, and customers’ testimonials.
  • Tutorial videos will be effective to stay in touch with the customers who are already using your product/service.

You Can Use Your Business Explainer Video on

  • the homepage of an online store or landing page;
  • the product page;
  • the pages in social media networks;
  • your channel on Youtube;
  • sales pitches and trade shows
  • send to prospects;
  • and also include it to newsletters you send to your subscribers;.
  • your email signature

Milestones of Making Perfect Video (Explainer Video Process)

After you have decided exactly what type of video you need you can expect the following workflow for custom explainer video creation:

  1. Concept – at this point, the theme and idea are generated.
  2. Script. The script is the heart of the video. The ideal script is usually approximately 90 seconds long and focuses on the “pain points” of the customer and your benefits.
  3. Storyboard. Draft sketches that showcase the future storyline.
  4. Illustrations. They are created according to the storyboard and must consider your brand look and target audience.
  5. Voice over. It also needs to reflect your brand “tone” well.
  6. Animation. Its style will depend on the type of your business. It will be reasonable to create motion graphics for the financial industry, or a cartoon if your purpose is to promote apps. Your brand and budget also play a significant role in deciding on the animation style.
  7. Music. Same as voice, music helps to reflect your brand and add emotions to the video.

How Long Does an Explainer Video Take to Create and What Is the Cost?

Usually, the process of animated explainer video creation takes around 6 weeks. But from our experience, we can see the human factor can influence the timeline. So sometimes we need more time to collect feedback and make revisions.

Another thing that can greatly influence the time and cost is the animation style. You can get more details following this link.

Give Your Business an Opportunity to Stay in Trend

We said a lot about explainer video benefits, let’s just look at how this tool is evaluated by companies that already use it successfully. And your competitors may already be among them. According to the statistics (Templeman, M. “17 Stats And Facts Every Marketer Should Know About Video Marketing.” Forbes, 2017)

  • 93% of business owners believe that the animated video is the best tool to convey their understanding of the product.
  • 36% are sure that the explanatory video allowed them to reduce the number of calls to the support service for clarifications.
  • 72% of companies say that the presence of video has a positive effect on the SEO website promotion and leads to more conversions.
  • 43% of sites posted professional explainer video on the main page.

And now let’s see how users respond to companies that already use the marketing explainer video as part of their strategy:

  • 76% of users will share the video if it was entertaining.
  • 65% of potential customers will do the same if the video was informative.


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How Blue Carrot Team Can Help?

You have already understood that an explainer video of a particular format contributes to the accelerated customer’s journey through the sales funnel. If you have doubts about the optimal length of the video, and the material that should be presented in it, we will help you make the right decision. The question of the cost is also individual as the final price will depend on the particular characteristics of the video.

Blue Carrot Studio has already improved the ways of communication with customers of dozens of companies and today we want to invite you to use our accumulated experience, expertise and talent in explainer video production in your favor.

Take benefit from our passion for explainer video creation and let your business get to the top!


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