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Kalgera – 2D Flat Style Explainer Video Case Study

A generally accepted view is that technology is for millennials and few companies focus on the elderly and their specific needs. Kalgera wants to change that.

The Kalgera guys came to us for help creating a video for their unique platform. If you’re unfamiliar, Kalgera is a London based innovative digital platform that supports caregivers of the elderly in the day-to-day management of their finances.

They use machine learning to closely monitor spending trends, so deterioration in financial capacity can be identified earlier by older people and their trusted caregivers.

Informed by medical research, this approach makes financial technology really work for older individuals.

The Solution was a fun explainer video with incredibly smooth animation.

We decided to make the video bright and light with the help of a white background and colorful characters. All these visual details showcase the product as easy and discreet. Exactly how we wanted the target audience to see it.

The storyline is based on a classic use-case approach – a short story about a representative from the target audience.

Watch the video here:

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