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Auka – Fintech App Explainer Video Case Study

Auka is a B2B fintech startup. They are mobile payments pioneers and believe in making life as easy as possible for banks and users.

Auka provides a comprehensive catalog of white-label products for better banking. Their payment app includes tons of useful features like:

  1. Real-time person-to-person payments funded by, and settled to any funding source, including accounts, cards, prepaid and lines of credit.
  2. Users can choose to send or request money from anyone in their phone’s contact list.
  3. P2P payments are organized in a social messaging interface where payments are contextualized with chat messages.

Yes, all that text made my head spin too.

The guys at Auka knew, if you want bank employees to understand the purpose of an app, an explainer video will boost sales efforts.

So, Blue Carrot’s main goal was to explain a payment solution to the banking industry.

In familiarizing ourselves with the app, we frequently came across industry jargon and that dictated our style.

We considered clear minimalistic design the best solution for a corporate environment and the fintech industry. The black base is accented with the brand’s green, yellow and rose to make the pictures more catchy.

Here we go, the explainer video that invites people into the atmosphere created by Auka.

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